UV rises into the ‘Very High’ level on Wednesday

Wednesday saw a lot of bright weather but sunshine amounts were much reduced from previous days with just 3.37 hours logged. As a consequence of the reduced sunshine and brisk westerly winds the maximum of 18.3C was lower than the previous five days but still 1.5C above average.

The notable aspect of Wednesday was the much increased UV reaching into the ‘Very High’ level with a reading of 8.4.

The first light rain from the next weather front started to fall just after 8 pm with another shower around midnight but no great quantity was recorded, only 0.5mm.

At dawn on Thursday the evidence of the hang back of cloud from the overnight weather front was seen moving eastwards allowing the sun to break through at 06.10. The overnight minimum was set at 06.11 with a reading of 6.8C that began to recover rapidly as the sun cleared the cloud so that by 08.00 the thermometer read 9.4C.