Atlantic air flow means cooler weather and less sun

Tuesday brought us 11.4 hours of sunshine but the cooler, moister air from the Atlantic, brought on a brisk westerly air flow, meant that the temperature was well down on previous days, although the peak warmth of 20.3C was 3.5C above the May average. However, that maximum was a full 8C down on the previous day.

It was the sixth consecutive dry day. Evaporation from ground and plant life over the first eight days this month now totals 28mm whereas the rainfall is just 8.1mm. That is quite a change from the wetter than average months of March and April.

Wednesday dawned with thick fog reducing visibility to 150mm at dawn but slowly thinning to 1,500m by 08.00, as a result of the still air and cooler minimum of 5.8C overnight.