Record broken for the hottest day in the month of May

Monday saw the thermometer rise steadily to a maximum of 28.1C, a record high for a day in May, breaking the previous high of 27.8C set on 24.05.2010 and 11.3C above the 34-year average.

There was a light breeze, then from the east, which moderated the heat that the 14.0 hours of strong sunshine provided.

The UV level fell slightly from the peak on Sunday but still in the ‘High’ category.

As a consequence of the hot days and warmer nights, last night’s minimum was 8.3C being 1.3C above the average, the soil temperature at a depth of 5cm was 15.1C at 08.00 this morning.

Tuesday has dawned with misty conditions and sunshine from the start of the day. However, with the barometric pressure having fallen over the last three days, to its lowest this month, a change in our weather pattern is underway.