Warning – UV at ‘Very High’ level

Sunday gave us a very warm and sunny day with 15.25 hours of strong sunshine, the sunniest day since May 6th last year. As a result of this extensive and strong sunshine the UV level rose into the ‘Very High’ category, not seen since the beginning of August last year.

The thermometer soared to a maximum of 25.3C being 8.5C above the 34-year average. It was a much warmer night with the lowest temperature of 7.1C, which was average for early May.

When readings were taken at 08.00 this morning the temperature had recovered to 14.5C heralding another very sunny and hot day with the UV level expected to again rise into the ‘Very High’ category.

Monday update at 13.00: heat surpasses peak of Sunday with current temperature of 25.5C. Gentle easterly breeze has sprung up to moderate heat. UV currently at ‘High’.

RECORD BROKEN at 16.20 today: thermometer reached 28.1C, which passed the previous record set on 24.05.2010 of 27.8C for any day in May including Mayday.