Sun from dawn to dusk on Saturday

What a glorious day we enjoyed on Saturday! There were 14.5 hours of strong sunshine, the highest daily total since 5th July, from cloudless skies that existed from dawn to dusk.

As a result of the sunshine and light winds, maximum gust of 10mph, the thermometer reached a peak of 22.9C, which was 6.1C above the 34-year May average.

Not surprisingly, the UV level soared to 6.6, not seen since 17th August last year.

The clear skies continued overnight allowing the warmth to radiate into space causing the thermometer to drop to a low of 4.6C just before dawn.

By 08.00 on Sunday we had already received 2 hours of strong sunshine and the thermometer recovered to 12.7C.

Sunday update at 13.00: UV level edges up to ‘High’ level with temperature currently 22.4C.

Sunday saw the temperature peak at 25.3C, being 8.5C above average but also noteworthy was the UV level rose to the ‘Very High’ category.