Cloudy Friday was disappointing

Friday was a cloudy day with a glimmer of sunshine, just 5 minutes. The maximum of 16.8C was average for May and exactly the same as on Thursday, which was far more sunny.

There was very little wind on Friday, which made it a very pleasant day with a maximum gust of only 9mph. The wind dropped out entirely after 22.20 and is totally still at 08.00 this morning.

As the cloud cover slowly cleared from the east last night that could be clearly seen late evening, the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 4.3C at 05.40: by 08.00 it had recovered to 10.3C.

Saturday dawned with full sunshine as the sun rose over the horizon and with the anticyclone at its highest pressure this morning with a reading oof 1025.5mb, the highest for three weeks, there is promise of a superb day.

Saturday update at exactly 16.00: maximum of 22.4C.

Saturday maximum of 22.9C at 16.57, which is 6.1C above the average.