Sunshine increases on Thursday but temperature does not.

Thursday was the sunniest day for a fortnight with 6.38 hours of sunshine although the westerly breeze, gusting to 33mph at times, pegged back the temperature to a maximum of 9.7C just before 2pm, almost 1C below the March average. In the morning there was significant wind chill making it feel at least 2C cooler.

There was a light shower at 21.00 amounting to 0.3mm.

The thermometer fell away overnight to a minimum of 0.8C at 05.15, giving a slight ground frost but recovering to 1.7C at 08.00.

Friday has dawned with total cloud cover, if thin, and no likelihood of any sunshine as the next weather front slowly approaches from the west.

Friday update at 13.00: first rain drops from approaching weather front with temperature at 7.7C.

Friday update at 13.45: steady light rain now setting in, which will last several hours and get heavier.

Friday update at 19.45: temperature rising for last three hours as mild air arrives, to 8.2C, up 1C from minimum at 15.30. Rain for last seven hours falling lighter.

Friday update at 21.45, warmer by night than day as thermometer continues to rise steadily, currently at 9.5C. This is only 1C below day average.