Temperature eases upwards as ground warms up and more sunshine.

Wednesday gave us 5.15 hours of sunshine, the sunniest day this month, and a maximum of 10.0C, almost equal to the March average.

The ground is slowly warming up so that at 08.00 today the temperature at a depth of 5cm has recovered to 3.8C, the highest reading since 20th February.

There were showers overnight amounting to 1.2mm but as the associated cloud thinned before dawn, the thermometer dropped to 2.3C.

The day has started with variable cloud and bursts of strong sunshine and a temperature of 3.9C at 08.00.

Thursday update at 10.30: strong winds return with gusts to 34mph at 10.22.

Thursday update at 20.00: temperature falling steadily away, from maximum of 9.2C at 13.53, to currently 5.7C as barometric pressure rises close to highest this month