Warmest night for a fortnight

With almost 1.6 hours of sunshine, Monday it was the sunniest day this month although the wind with an easterly element kept the maximum of 8.6C just 2C below the average.

The next weather front made its presence felt just after 14.25 on Monday afternoon but by 15.00 the rain had become heavy and lasting for almost an hour before becoming much lighter. The total rainfall yesterday was 3.9mm.

Cloud overnight and the absence of snow on the ground meant a minimum of 4.0C, the warmest night since 20th February. As a result the ground temperature at a depth of 5cm has recovered to 3.6C at 08.00 from its lowest point of -1.7C on 27th February.

Tuesday has arrived with a mostly cloudy sky although there have been a few sunny breaks around 08.00.

Tuesday update at 16.00: a very still day with a maximum gust of just 11mph and a peak temperature of 9.2C at 15.20,up on Monday but still below average.

Tuesday 22.30: wind dropped out for over four hours and temperature, having fallen steadily to 4.9C, now dropping more quickly to 3.7C. Cool night ahead.