Siberian air arrives with maximum of -1.1C on Wednesday

Wednesday saw the arrival of the forecast Siberian air when, after a hard frost and a low of -5.3C, the thermometer did not get above freezing all day. The maximum at 13.03 was -1.1C with wind chill making it feel more like -6C. This was the coldest day since 6th December 2010 when the thermometer only rose to -2.2C

The thermometer then began before falling again all afternoon to -6.1C late evening at 22.30 with a wind chill that meant it felt more -13C.

There were occasional light snow flurries during the day but nothing settling on the ground.

The temperature recovered slightly after midnight rising to -5.1C at 08.00 this morning with a wind chill making it feel more like -11C.

Snow began falling heavily just after 07.30 this morning as storm Emma made itself felt, the barometric pressure having fallen 15mb in one day, predicting its arrival. The wind is still from the north east and gusting to well in excess of 20mph so there will be drifting snow as the day progesses.

Update at 11.00: temperature -4.3C and wind chill making it feel like -11C. Light snow blowing in strong wind, but no great quantity

Update at 13.30: temperature at -3.4C and wind chill at -10C. Frequent showers of light, dry snow adding to modest accumulations in little drifts from wind gusting to 33mph.

Update at 16.00: temperature crept up to -3.1C, the warmest today! Wind chill now -9C. More continuous dry snow and drifting in the strong wind.

Update at 21.30: temperature easing up to -2.6C although wind chill of -9C as wind increases in past hour.