Tuesday: 1.1C by day and -9.8C by night – that is cold, very cold!

The very cold Siberian air mass made itself felt on Tuesday when the thermometer briefly reached 1.1C at 13.51, during the sunny period between 1 and 2pm, then falling back to 0.7C for an hour or two.

These readings made it the coldest day since 16th January 2013 when the maximum day temperature then was -1.1C. It was the coldest night since the low of -13.0C on both the 11th and 12th of February 2012.

Just after 3pm the thermometer began to fall steadily for 10 hours plummeting to -9.8C at 23.00 before beginning to recover as cloud drifted across.

There was a brief snow flurry mid-morning but a heavy snow shower, lasting almost twenty minutes staring at 17.50, produced a snow depth 1.5cm.

This morning at 08.00 the thermometer read -4.7C with a mainly cloudy sky.

Update at 1030: temperature of -2.9C, some melting of overnight snow in bright sunshine.

Update at 11.30: temperature of -2.1C with wind chill making it feel like -7.1C

Update at 13.30; temperature of -2.1C with light snow showers, not settling. The maximum today was -1.2C at 13.03

Update at 16.00: ambient temperature of -3.1C, wind chill feels like -8.2C. Wind increasing in strength for last 7 hours now gusting to 30mph

Update at 18.30: temperature -4.6C, wind chill feels like -11C with wind gusting to 31mph

Update at 21.15: temperature -6.0C, wind chill feels like -13C.

N.B. Coldest February since 1991.