Monday: temperature at 0800 -2.0C BUT wind chill makes it feels like -6.1C

The air mass from Siberia has well and truly arrived as the strong northeasterly wind continues, gusting to 24mph, and giving a wind chill this morning making it feel like -6.1C having been -4.0C last night.

The thermometer struggled to reach 4.7C on Sunday, being 2.6C below the long-term average dropping to -2.8C at -03.42 (4.3C below average) this morning.

The other notable feature from Sunday was the almost continuous sunshine totalling 9.19 hours making it the sunniest day since 1st September.

The continuing cold air by day and frost by night has penetrated the soil so that at a depth of 5cm the temperature was -1.0C at 08.00 today.

The cold air is very dry with a reading of just 70% this morning, which is the driest air at 08.00 since 9th July.

Update at 12.00: temperature 0.2C but wind chill makes it feel like -3.1C

Update at 17.00: temperature 0C but wind chill of -4.2C

Update at 21.00: temperature -3.0C with wind chill at -7.2C