Down, down, down go the temperatures

The maxima over the past three days have been 10.9C, 9.0C and on Wednesday just 6.0C which was 1.3C below the average, the first below average for a week. The minima also follow that pattern with 6.0C, 1.4C and last night 0.5C.

There was limited sunshine yesterday,just 0.6 hours but within that sunny period the UV level was again 1.8, as on Tuesday, the highest since the end of October.

The thermometer fell steadily overnight, reaching a minimum of 0.5C at 04.33 then rose a little to reach 1.3C at 08.00 as variable cloud cover drifted in from the north east.

The wind yesterday firmly moved onto the north east, where it is likely to stay for a period. The wind was light, a maximum gust of 13mph, even so the cold breeze from this direction gave a wind chill that meant it felt a couple of degrees colder.

This morning as the cloud cleared the sun broke through shortly after dawn and with the present blue skies, we should have further sunshine during the day.

Update at 11.00: Ambient temperature 2.4C, Wind Chill makes it feel like -1C.