Cold with more wind and rain

Tuesday gave us a very wet and windy day that only started to improve late afternoon with the sky beginning to clear. The rain was persistent until mid-afternoon, amounting to 7.6mm that brings the total for February to 32.8mm, which is 50% of the 34-year average.

The thermometer again struggled to reach 5.1C, more than 2C below the average. However, as the sky cleared late afternoon the temperature began to tumble reaching a minimum of -2.7C at 02.37 this morning. Thereafter, the effect of the next weather front began to reverse the fall in that at 08.00 this morning the thermometer was above freezing with a reading of 1.7C.

This morning is bright, but no sunshine, as the cloud thickens heralding the next weather front bringing wind and more rain.

Update at 13.00: Temperature 3.7C, Wind Chill 1C, Wind gusts 33mph from south east.