Sunniest day this month then back to wind and rain

Monday was the sunniest day this month with 7.4 hours of strong sun so it was not surprising that the UV level rose slightly again to the highest since early November and solar energy the greatest since 8th October.

The thermometer was slow to rise yesterday after the hard frost and struggled to reach 6.3C at 13.46, being 1C below the average for February.

The barometric pressure has been falling steadily over the past twenty-four hours and reached its lowest this month at 08.00 with a pressure of 996.6mb. Therefore it is not surprising to hear the wind rising since midnight with a maximum gust of 33mph at 04.38 this morning.

Rain began to fall just after 7am this morning and totalled 2.2mm by 08.00 and continues to fall heavily from the thick cloud with a low cloud base.

As I write this article at 08.30 the precipitation has turned to sleet and wet snow as the temperature currently is 2.9C.