Hours of rain and no sun but warmest at midnight.

The rain set in just after 08.00 yesterday and continued for almost eight hours before a short break late afternoon and more late evening. The rainfall amounted to 6.2mm, bringing the total for February to 22.9mm.

The thermometer slowly rose during the day and even higher in the evening until it reached a maximum of 9.6C at 23.15.This was the warmest day since January 29th.

The rain ceased just before midnight although the wind had been rising giving a peak gust of 33mph at 23.25.

After midnight the wind veered into the west bringing a drier and cooler air such that at 08.00 today the thermometer had dropped nearly 8C with a reading of 2.2C and humidity down with a reading of 87%.

This morning has dawned with strong sunshine as soon as the sun got up.

Update at 14.20: Hail (small) showers
at 15.35: Snow (light) shower