Very wet night as southerly winds bring milder weather

The wind, having backed into the south on Thursday, produced the mildest day for a week with a maximum of 6.4C, just below average for February, late afternoon. The temperature showed very little change until just before 03.00 this morning. It was a dry but overcast day with just 6 minutes of sunshine.

Rain drops began to fall just after 22.00 last night ahead of substantial rain, heavy at times, that lasted until around 03.00 with showers just after 05.00. With 13.2mm of precipitation, this was the wettest twenty-four hour period since 21st January.

Cloud began to clear away to the east this morning as the pressure began to rise again, which meant a drop of 4C to a reading of 2.2C at 08.00, with the sun after dawn appearing though broken cloud.

Update at 10.15: Snow shower, temperature 2.8C and wind chill -1C