Down, down, down goes the thermometer and snow overnight

Maxima for the last five days:
7.1C, 5.1C, 4.3C, 3.6C and 2.8C

The maximum of 2.8C on Tuesday was recorded at 14.42 before a large area of cloud obscured the sun in advance of greater cloud cover. It took until 10.30 for the thermometer to rise above 0C and was the coldest day since 8th January.

Snow fell just before midnight as a narrow band of precipitation crossed the area, initially rain that froze on the ground with light snow on top. The total precipitation was 0.8mm.

We enjoyed 5.4 hours of sunshine with the UV level of 1.1 the highest this month as on the 2nd February.

As the cloud cleared after midnight the thermometer began to fall again reaching 0C at 01.00 this morning and giving a minimum of -2.8C at 08.00.

The sun made an appearance at dawn in a sky with minimal cloud but will take a while before it has any affect on the light snow covering and ice. Fortunately the wind is very light so no great wind chill at 08.00 but a wind chill at 06.00 meant that it felt more like -4.6C just before 06.00.