Winter is back as temperatures plummet

Although we enjoyed 5.56 hours of sunshine on Monday the northerly, brisk winds pegged back the temperature by day to a maximum of only 3.6C. The peak was reached at 14.54 and was almost 4C below the 34-year February average. This low made it the coldest day since 8th December.

There was no rain yesterday but the wind, gusting most of the day with a peak of 21mph, meant that wind chill was again evident as this effectively dropped the temperature so that if felt 3C colder.

Clear skies overnight meant that the thermometer fell to zero at 21.45 and a minimum off -3.2C at 07.04. This low was almost 5C below the February average.

This morning has dawned with bright sunshine once the sun rose above the cloud belt to the east, with the thermometer recovering slightly to -2.6C at 08.00.

Update at 15.00: maximum temperate reached today was just 2.8C