Change of wind direction, change of weather

With the wind veering from the northwest to north during the day then northeast last night it was not surprising that the maximum temperature yesterday was only 5.1C, being 2.2C below the 34-year February average. This cold air is direct from Scandinavia and Russia with no warming from the North Sea, which is still cold at this time of year.

Combined with the lower temperatures there was windchill that meant it felt a couple of degrees colder. Overnight the thermometer fell to a low of 1.6C at 08.00 with wind chill so that if felt like -2C as the wind gusted to 21mph just before 7am.

This morning is bright with broken cloud and the wind dropping down a little.

The rainfall amounted to 2.1mm but the northeasterly wind has meant that the humidity overnight fell and at 08.00 was 86%, the lowest for almost a month.