Tuesday: 1.1C by day and -9.8C by night – that is cold, very cold!

The very cold Siberian air mass made itself felt on Tuesday when the thermometer briefly reached 1.1C at 13.51, during the sunny period between 1 and 2pm, then falling back to 0.7C for an hour or two.

These readings made it the coldest day since 16th January 2013 when the maximum day temperature then was -1.1C. It was the coldest night since the low of -13.0C on both the 11th and 12th of February 2012.

Just after 3pm the thermometer began to fall steadily for 10 hours plummeting to -9.8C at 23.00 before beginning to recover as cloud drifted across.

There was a brief snow flurry mid-morning but a heavy snow shower, lasting almost twenty minutes staring at 17.50, produced a snow depth 1.5cm.

This morning at 08.00 the thermometer read -4.7C with a mainly cloudy sky.

Update at 1030: temperature of -2.9C, some melting of overnight snow in bright sunshine.

Update at 11.30: temperature of -2.1C with wind chill making it feel like -7.1C

Update at 13.30; temperature of -2.1C with light snow showers, not settling. The maximum today was -1.2C at 13.03

Update at 16.00: ambient temperature of -3.1C, wind chill feels like -8.2C. Wind increasing in strength for last 7 hours now gusting to 30mph

Update at 18.30: temperature -4.6C, wind chill feels like -11C with wind gusting to 31mph

Update at 21.15: temperature -6.0C, wind chill feels like -13C.

N.B. Coldest February since 1991.

1.4C maximum on Monday with wind chill equal to -3.1C – colder than average night minimum!

The Siberian air began to bite on Monday with the thermometer eventually, for just a few minutes, struggling to reach 1.4C at 13.39, which was 6C below the 34-year February average and the coldest day since 11th December.

There was significant wind chill making it feel 4C below the thermometer reading as the wind gusted frequently to over 20mph with a maximum gust of 26mph at 16.33.

The sunshine was much reduced from the exceptional total on Sunday with just 3.47 hours.

Clear skies overnight meant a hard frost with a minimum of -5.3C at 06.33 this morning making it the coldest night since 21st January 2017. Wind chill gave a reading of -8.1C just before 1am this morning.

This morning there is broken cloud with strong sunny intervals, the thermometer having risen to -4.3C at 08.00. The temperature of the ground at a depth of 5cm was -1.7C at 08.00.

Update at 11.00: temperature -1.1C @ wind chill -7.0C

Update at 13.51: maximum day temperature of 1.1C, now falling with wind chill -3.1C. No snow yet.

Update at 15.40: freezing again with air temperature at -0.1C and wind chill at -4C. One light snow flurry.

Update at 16.40: temperature -1.4C with wind chill of -6C. Longer snow showers of very light, dry flakes. Light covering on ground with blue sky following.

Update at 17.50: temperature -2.7C and wind chill of -6.1C with heavy snow falling and settling.

Update at 19.00: temperature -4.2C, wind dropped light and approximately 2cm of snow on ground.

Update at 21.00: temperature -8.2C and still falling. Coldest night since 11th and 12th February 2012

Monday: temperature at 0800 -2.0C BUT wind chill makes it feels like -6.1C

The air mass from Siberia has well and truly arrived as the strong northeasterly wind continues, gusting to 24mph, and giving a wind chill this morning making it feel like -6.1C having been -4.0C last night.

The thermometer struggled to reach 4.7C on Sunday, being 2.6C below the long-term average dropping to -2.8C at -03.42 (4.3C below average) this morning.

The other notable feature from Sunday was the almost continuous sunshine totalling 9.19 hours making it the sunniest day since 1st September.

The continuing cold air by day and frost by night has penetrated the soil so that at a depth of 5cm the temperature was -1.0C at 08.00 today.

The cold air is very dry with a reading of just 70% this morning, which is the driest air at 08.00 since 9th July.

Update at 12.00: temperature 0.2C but wind chill makes it feel like -3.1C

Update at 17.00: temperature 0C but wind chill of -4.2C

Update at 21.00: temperature -3.0C with wind chill at -7.2C

Saturday was the sunniest day for over 5 months

With 8.52 hours of sunshine on Saturday this was the sunniest day since 2nd September and consequently raised the maximum temperature a little to 5.4C,still 2C below the average.

The brisk wind from the north east meant a significant wind chill making it feel at least 3C colder.

Overnight the frost was not quite as severe as previous nights allowing the thermometer to fall to just -1.7C, being 3C below the 34-year February average and wind chill at 07.00 today meant it felt like -5.1C.

Today the sun was shinging strongly just after dawn, triggering the sunshine recorder (100 watts/sq.m.) at 08.00, with the temperature rising to -1.2C and the promise of more sunshine today.

The much drier air from the north east has meant a drop in humidity with evaporation daily rising to over 1mm.

10.9C, 9.0C, 6.0C, 4.8C and yesterday maximum of 4.4C – winter bites

The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 4.4C on Friday as the brisk easterly wind gave a wind chill making it feel at least 2C colder. This maximum was 4C below the 34-year February average and the coldest day for a fortnight.

Overnight the thermometer dropped to -2.7c at 05.10, 4C below average and 2C less cold than the previous night and recovering to -1.8C at 08.00.

This morning the sun was up at dawn with the promise of more sunshine today after the 7.2 hours on Friday. We have enjoyed 79 hours of sunshine so far in February.