Today is the coldest morning this month

Thursday, data down on Wednesday:
Maximum temperature down 2.4C at 8.2C, which was still 1.4C above average
Minimum of -0.2C down 5C at 07.55, which was 1.3C below average
Wind gusts peaking at 22mph, down 25mph
Sunshine of 3.47 hours was down 2.1 hours

After a sunny morning intermitted and sometimes thicker cloud, built up after midday, but no precipitation was recorded.

Due to the much drier air the evaporation from the ground and plant life was almost 1mm, the second highest this month.

This morning we are greeted by a clear sky giving the coldest morning at 08.00 this month. There is promise of much sunshine today as the barometric pressure has been rising for twenty-four hours, which is likely to minimise shower activity. However, tomorrow morning is likely to be very wet.