4C warmer by night than day! Forecast gales did arrive overnight.

Wednesday was a superb day with 5.61 hours of glorious sunshine, the second sunniest day this month. However, the brisk westerly winds meant that the temperature was pegged back to around 6C during daylight hours, dropping back to 4C in the evening.

The forecast strong winds arrived just before 11pm last night, strengthening to a peak gust of 47mph at 01.45. This occurred due to a deep low pressure to the north of the country that backed the wind from west to south starting just after 7pm last night. The southerly winds brought a temporary blast of warmer air that pushed the thermometer to a maximum of 10.6C at 02.07 early this morning before falling away to 5.2C today at 08.00.

The wide band of mainly light rain arrived just after 9pm, producing 1.9mm of precipitation.

This morning was heralded by broken cloud, the promise of more sunshine and the thermometer falling a little further due to the clearer skies and before the sun began to have any effect. The wind has now veered into the southwest and moderated considerably.