No sun, no UV but fog and murk continued

Recently we seem to get one sunny day then a couple of days with low, thick cloud producing fog. Thursday was just such another day. The wind, coming more from a northwesterly direction pegged back the temperature to a maximum of 5.4C, some 1.4C below the 33-year average and down 3.4C on Wednesday’s maximum.

It was a gloomy day with no sun and no UV registering although no measurable rainfall occurred.

The thermometer held steady most of the day and evening round 4.5C dropping to minimum of 4.0C at 08.00 this morning.

The slack wind flow continues today between the high pressure to the north east and the low-pressure to the west. As a result there are still air conditions again today thus the low cloud is not breaking up or the cloud base rising with visibility varying but down to around 1000 metres. This type of weather is likely to continue for another couple of days until the jet stream repositions itself.