Dry day with sun then frost and fog

With spells of strong sunshine on Friday it was a dry and quite pleasant day with the thermometer slowly edging just above average with a maximum of 7.3C (+0.4) although it was breezy with winds gusting to 24 mph.

Late afternoon, with partially clear skies, the temperature dropped steadily until reaching a minimum of -1.6C at 05.15 this morning, which was 4C lower than Thursday. After a windless few hours around midnight, the wind picked up just after 1am with the wind veering into the north-east. A little later in the early morning, the northeasterly brought cloud, which stopped the fall in temperature, and more moist air. As a result the thermometer edged back above freezing to reach 1.4C at 08.00 but the moist, mild air riding over the colder, denser air and cold ground produced fog with visibility down to 700 meters at 08.00.

This is the first day with wind coming from the north-east for a month. As a result the colder, moist air from this direction, with consequent wind, chill makes this morning decidedly chilly.

Update at 10.30: Temperate 2C but wind chill makes it feel like -1C.
Update at 18.00: Temperature 4.4C but wind chill makes it feel like 0C with 24mph gusts