Sun, rain, wind – certainly variety in our weather. Warmer by night than day!

Fortunately, the wind slowly moderated during the daytime on Wednesday with a maximum gust of 33mph just after 10.30.

It was a mild day with the thermometer climbing to a maximum of 9.3C just after 13.15 before falling back to a minimum of 5.8C at 01.15 early this morning. However, with another weather front traversing the area in the last few hours the rain began just after 02.30 this morning and by 08.00 amounted to 5.6mm.

The arrival of the weather front saw the thermometer climb again after 02.00 to a maximum of 10.0C at 08.00, a very mild start to the day and 9C above the January average minimum.

After the clearance of most of the cloud just after midday yesterday we did experience 1.42 hours of sunshine.

Update: Gust of 48mph at 13.30 today