‘Eleanor’ packed a punch! – winds to 52mph.

Tuesday was quiet until later in the afternoon when the advance effect of storm Eleanor began to be felt. The temperature slowly rose to a maximum of 9.9C (7.4C above average) at 14.29 before falling away. However, as storm Eleanor approached the thermometer started to rise again, peaking at 12.2C at 22.22 last night.

There was drizzle and rain all morning letting up in the afternoon as the skies cleared from the previous weather front. The rain associated with ‘Eleanor’ started in earnest just after 10pm and another intense rainfall period occurred between 01.15 and 01.45. The total rainfall for the last twenty-four hours was 14.7mm.

The other notable feature of the past twenty-four hours was the wind strength that began to build during the evening culminating with a maximum gust of 52mph at 02.21 this morning. This was not a record for January as a gust of 57mph was recorded on 18th January 2006.

At dawn ‘Eleanor’ has departed to the east just leaving a legacy of strong winds, still gusting to 30mph, and a clear sky with the promise of sunshine when the sun rises above the horizon.