Much rain and little sun but warmest day in December

The mild west to southwest wind, gusting to 30 mph, gave us another very mild day on Saturday with the thermometer rising a little from its high point at dawn yesterday to a a maximum of 12.4C. This was the warmest day in December equalling that recorded on the 7th.

Overnight another rain band crossed the area over night with the first rain falling just after 8.30pm and clearing just before dawn. The rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 7.1mm, bringing the total for December to 107.7mm, which is 18mm above the 33-year average.

At 08.00 on Sunday the back edge of the weather front is beginning to clear with the rain ceasing at 07.40.

Warmer by night than day!

There were intense rain showers on Friday during daylight hours, especially between 11am and 12 noon, with more rain overnight amounting to 7.4mm. This brings the total for December to 100.6mm, being 10.1mm above the 33-year December average.

The maximum during daylight hours was 6.9C at 12.24 with the thermometer dropping away during the afternoon to a minimum of 3.9C just after 8pm.

However, the clearance of lying snow and a strong very mild westerly air flow meant an unusual rise in temperature overnight, when the temperature usually falls away, to a maximum of 11.8C at 05.45 this morning.

The wind began to rise after 4am with a peak gust of 33mph just before 5am.

This morning has dawned with broken cloud and blustery winds as the latest weather front exits to the east, with the prospect of some sunshine later in the morning.

Sunshine – and lots of it on Thursday

With almost clear skies for most of the day, except the occasional thin high cloud, Thursday proved to be the sunniest day in December with 6.21 hours.

The thermometer edged up to a maximum of 4.5C just after 2pm and then fell steadily to a minimum of -2.2C at 21.29.

At this point the front edge of the next frontal system gave notice of its approach with cloud and a change in wind direction shortly afterwards.

The thermometer then continued to rise to a maximum of 5.6C at 08.00 this morning.

Rain started to fall just after 04.30 this morning totalling 3.4mm and the wind to increase with a maximum gust of 23 mph just before 7am.

This morning is cloudy as the back end of the weather system begins to clear eastwards.

Slight thaw but still cold

The thermometer struggled to reach 3.0C on Wednesday, 4.8C below average, but it did mean some of the wet snow began to slowly melt away allowing the brisk northerly winds to start drying surface areas.

Clear skies overnight allowed the temperature to drop to near freezing and just before dawn fall to -0.9C.

The total precipitation this month stands at 89.8mm after the two very wet days of the 25th and 26th. This amount just exceeds the 33-year average of 89.4mm.

This morning the almost cloudless sky promises more sunshine than the 10 minutes that was recorded yesterday.

Sun, heavy rain and wet snow – all in a day!

It was a delight to see the sun again yesterday with 2.43 hours after so many dull and overcast days.

The thermometer hovered around 5 – 6C for most of the day and rose again in the evening to a maximum of 7.2C as the next weather front and associated cloud arrived.

Rain began lightly early afternoon and intensified early evening. However, the maim rain and snow fell later in the night producing 21.2mm of precipitation, consisting mostly of rain but sleet and driven wet snow. This was the wettest day since 11th July. It was not possible to get an accurate depth of level snow due to the strong winds, but it was up to 3cm deep where it had drifted.

The wind gained strength in the early hours with gusts regularly from 30- 40 mph and a peak gust of 41mph at 05.25 this morning. During the course of twenty-four hours the wind backed from southwest to southeast and after midnight came from the north.

The back edge of the weather front meant that precipitation stopped just after 07.30 with the cloud thinning. The thermometer had recovered to 1.3C at 08.00 after a minimum of 0.6C was reached at 03.51 this morning. The wind chill with 40mph winds and temperatures of 1C meant it felt more like -4.3C.