Calmer, cooler and less sun

The wind on friday commenced from a westerly direction and early afternoon veered into the north west. This restricted the maximum temperature to 14.6C, exactly average for October.

We enjoyed 6.5 hours of strong sunshine, that combined with the lightest winds this month, maximum gust of 15 mph, produced a very pleasant autumnal day.

The thermometer slowly fell in the afternoon and early evening to a minimum of 7.9C just before 11pm, but with the advancing cloud from the next, weak weather front, reversed this trend so that by 08.00 the thermometer had risen to 12.2C.

There was no rain by day but early this morning there were a couple of very light showers amounting to 0.6mm.

This morning has started grey with thick cloud and a moist air with a humidity reading of 96%.