Wet start, dry day, cool night

Having caught the tail end of the latest weather front on friday morning, producing 0.9mm of light rain, the sky slowly cleared to bring bright intervals and 16 minutes of strong sunshine.

The earlier thick cloud and little sunshine meant a cooler day with a maximum of 16.5C, being 2C down on thursday and some 2.2C below average.

A cool night followed with a minimum 9.2C, which was almost the average for September and 3C down on the previous mild night.

This morning there is a little brightness through the thin cloud and almost still conditions.

Dry by day – wet by night

Thursday gave us another mild autumnal day with the maximum of 18.4C, just under average, exactly the same as Wednesday.

It was a dry day with much more sunshine, 6 hours in total.

Initially the thermometer dropped away as the evening progressed but the cloud cover ahead of the next weather front started to raise the temperature just after 9pm so that by 03.15 this morning, the thermometer had risen 3.5C. The minimum overnight was 12.5C, which was 3.2C above average.

Rain began to fall just after midnight and continued until 03.15, producing 1.5mm. This brings the September total to 66.3mm being 5mm above average.

Rain overnight means total now above average

Wednesday gave us a warm and dry day but with minimal sunshine, just 18 minutes. However, the maximum was very close to the average at 18.4C.

Increasing cloud after lunch meant the first light rain fell just after 2.30pm with the bulk of the 6.9mm falling during the evening. The total for September is now 64.8mm, which is 3.3mm above the 33-year average.

A much breezier day with the wind picking up as the rain-band passed during the evening with a gust to 21mph, the strongest gust for a week.

A bright and calm start to today after another mild night with a minimum of 12.2C, that is 3C above the average.

What a difference a day makes!

After the cool, damp and cloudy day on monday, tuesday gave us a dry and sunny day with 3.7 hours of strong sunshine, which boosted the thermometer to a maximum of 19.6C. This was 1C above the late September average and 4C higher than the peak on monday.

No rain fell so the total this month stands at 57.9mm, which is 3.8mm below the September average.

The ridge of high pressure meant another calm day with a maximum gust of just 10mph.

A mild night followed with the thermometer not dropping below 12.9C.

This morning the Marlborough Downs are draped in low could restricting visibility to 1,000m, an improvement on the 200m early yesterday.

Miserable day with no sun, continuous low cloud & drizzle

Monday was a depressing day as the weather front was static along the spine of the country due to the blocking high pressure to the east. As a result the low cloud, with pulses of light rain and frequent drizzle, persisted all day.

Not surprisingly, no sunshine was recorded, only the second day this month. The UV level struggled to reach the ‘Low’ level.

The memorable feature was the almost non existence of wind. For long periods the anemometer did not move with the strongest gust of just 8 mph, being the calmest day since 26th January.

Total precipitation was minimal at 0.8mm

The maximum was 3C below the average, peaking at 15.7C, but in contrast the minimum of 12.6C was 3.3C above the average due the the thick cloud cover for most of the night.

This morning we woke to thick fog that initially brought visibility down to 200m but an hour after dawn a slight breeze from the south east started to move the fog banks around that lifted visibly to 800m.