Sun returns and warmer, thankfully

After the rain finished at around 08.00 on Tuesday the cloud began to thin, with sunshine beginning to appear mid-morning and totalling 7.1 hours and the UV level back again to Very high.

The temperature peaked at 16.4C. However, this was 3.8C below the average but a couple of degrees higher than on previous cold days.

The clear skies and lack of wind overnight, after a blustery day, meant a cool night with the thermometer dropping very low to 3.2C. This was 6.9C below the average and the coldest night since 27th May.

Wednesday brought sunshine after dawn that lifted the low temperature to 13.7C at 08.00.

After several wet days the monthly rainfall total is 28.4mm whereas the equivalent loss through evaporation amounts to 66mm.

Midsummer – more late autumn!

The rain on Monday persisted all day and night as a large area of cloud associated with a depression to the south very slowly circulated over southern England. The rainfall in the past twenty-four hours amounted to 7.7mm bringing the total for June to 28.4mm when the monthly average is 54.4mm. It was a cold day with the thermometer not getting above 12.8C, which was a significant 7.4C below average due to the thick cloud and rain also the persistent nagging northeasterly wind that was very strong, with a peak gust of 22mph. It was the coldest day since 24th May.

The intermittent rain continued overnight and only ceased just before 08.00 on Tuesday when the cloud thinned and weak sunshine briefly appeared through small breaks in the cloud. The thermometer sank to 9.0C being 1.1C below average. The high pressure in the Atlantic is elongated over the UK and continues to bring cool air off the North Sea on the continuing northeasterly breeze, still gusting strongly.

The rain radar indicates that the extensive area of cloud and rain is thinning and edging south so there is hope for a better day today!

Northeasterly strengthens and produces wind chill – in June!

Sunday was damp with light drizzle and another sunless day, the third consecutive. Precipitation was minimal with only 0.1mm added to the total now 20.7mm compared to the 37-year average of 54.4mm.

It was another very cool day with the thermometer struggling to reach a maximum of 14.6C as the northeasterly wind strengthened in the afternoon gusting to 22mph. This was 5.5C below average.

The thermometer fell away to 10.4C overnight being almost exactly average but the persistent northeasterly meant wind chill was a factor on Monday morning that so that it felt more like 9.2C outside at 08.00. The first rain drops from a front edging up from the English Channel were observed at 07.10.

Evaporation, that a week ago was producing an equivalent loss of rainfall of over 4mm per day, fell to 0.7mm daily on the last three days.

Cool and damp on Saturday

With the depression so close to the country it was not surprising to find that it was another sunless day, the second consecutive. Due to the cloud and brisk breeze from the northwest, a cool direction direct from the North Sea, the thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 14.3C, which was 5.9C below the long-term average.

A little drizzle and light rain fell in the early evening and showers overnight amounting to 3.6mm. That brought the monthly rainfall total to 20.0mm when the equivalent rainfall lost through evaporation to date is 62mm. During the last two days daily evaporation has been around 0.7mm when last week it was in excess of 4mm daily.

Sunday dawned grey and cool with total cloud cover and light drizzle again, after the thermometer had fallen to 12.1C being 2C above average.

Rain all day!

The depression in the English Channel on Friday through rain bands across the area that meant rain from dawn to just before 18.00 that totalled 10.2mm. Fortunately it was steady rain and not the damaging torrential downpours that others areas experienced. Due to the cloud and rain also wind from the north, the temperatures were depressed with a maximum of only 13.2C, which was 7C below average, 9C below the Thursday peak and the coldest day since 21st May.

Conversely, the minimum of 11.1C was 1C above average due to the persistent thick cloud overnight but no further rain fell.

Saturday arrived with the thick cloud still giving total cover with the wind much lighter and moving into the east.