Warmest day on Sunday for ten days

After a calm night, when the wind dropped out entirely, I discovered that gossamer thread had locked up the higher anemometer. A five meter telescopic fibre glass pole enabled me to free the instrument.The 5.3 hours of sunshine lifted the temperature to 23.6C being 4.9C above average and the warmest day since 8th (28.3C).

The minimum overnight was 10.2C being 1.1C above average due to the persistent cloud cover that thickened as the next weather front arrived and deposited 0.2mm of rain just after 05.00.

Monday dawned with thick cloud and another rain band threatening from the west.

More very warm sunshine on Friday

Another early autumn day on Friday with the peak temperature above average (+2.4C) with a maximum 21.1C, also another dry day. The rainfall total for September stands at 22.5mm whilst evaporation from ground sources and plant life has reached the equivalent of 30mm of rainfall.

The cloud meant another mild night with a minimum of 12.1C (+3C) but fog formed in the early hours that again limited visibility to 200m after dawn.

Fog was slow to clear on Saturday that showed no signs of thinning by 0830.

Warmer again on Thursday

The fog was slow clear on Thursday morning that meant less sunshine, 5.2 hours. However, in the afternoon the sun was very strong that lifted the temperature to 22.4C, which was 3.7C above the 37-year average.

Another day with very light winds, just 8mph peak at head height and from the west, a warmer direction than the recent northerly air stream.

A very cool night followed with a minimum of 9.1C being exactly average.

Friday was cloudy after dawn, no fog, but by 08.00 brief bright periods were emerging.

Glorious warm sunshine on Wednesday

Wednesday brought us 8.3 hours of strong sunshine that lifted the temperature to 21.1C, which was 2.4C above average and the warmest day for a week. It was a dry day with the UV at its highest rising to the Moderate level.

The very light breeze continued from the north all day but during the evening began to back in the west.

The thermometer fell away overnight to a minimum of 9.9C at 01.25 on Thursday morning that caused fog to form, which was thickest at dawn limiting visibility to 200m.

At 08.00 the visibility had not improved.

No sunshine on Tuesday

We had the first sunless day on Tuesday since 28th June due to the very extensive weather front slowly moving northwards. The many hours of rainfall in the morning, with heavy drizzle mid-afternoon, produced 12.8mm of precipitation making it the wettest day since 21st August (17.7mm).That brought the monthly rainfall to 22.5mm when the monthly average is 62.0mm.

Not surprisingly the persistent cloud meant a cooler day with the maximum of 17.2C, which was 1.5C below average. It has been another mild night with the thermometer no lower than 13.4C being 4.3C above average.

The very light breeze was from the north with a peak gust of just 13mph.

Although the sky was predominantly clear on Wednesday morning a bank of cloud on the eastern horizon did not allow the sun to shine until just after 07.00 when it climbed into clear sky.