Very warm again on Sunday

Sunday saw the thermometer soar to 22.9C being 5.4C above the average and the second warmest day this month after 23.1C on the 17th. The UV level of 7.1, although down a little on the highest this month on Saturday, was still in the Very High category.

Total cloud cover overnight meant a mild night with a minimum of 11.2C at 02.34, being 4.8C above the average.

A totally cloudy sky greeted the new day on Monday with the temperature having recovered to 13.1C at 08.00. At that time the barometric pressure read 1004.1mb, which was the lowest pressure this month.

UV rose to ‘Very High’ on Saturday

After a cloudy start to Saturday the sun broke through just after midday that lifted the temperature to 19.7C and the UV level to 7.7, which was Very High and the highest since 18th July 2021.

Under clearing skies the thermometer dropped steadily to a minimum of 5.7C giving a cool night, which was 0.7C below the average and the coolest night since the 9th.

Sunday arrived with thin high cloud and totally calm conditions. By 07.00 the sun was shining weakly but shortly afterwards gathered strength that lifted the temperature to 13.7C at 08.00.

Sunshine and showers

Friday was a much cooler day thanks to showers in the morning and afternoon that amounted to 3.8mm that brought the monthly total to 45.8mm when the average is 60.7mm.

The thermometer rose to a maximum of 17.6C, almost exactly average and overnight the minimum was 9.1C being 2.6C above average.

Saturday dawned with variable cloud and intermittent weak sunshine before 08.00 by which time the thermometer had recovered to 11.3C.

Warm and sunny again

The wind on Thursday was gentle, maximum of 10mph at head height, and for most of the day came from the west but late afternoon it backed into the south. This warmer direction meant a warm day with the thermometer climbing to 20.8C being 3.3C above the 38-year average.

Cloud built up late evening ahead of the next rain-band that meant another mild night with a low of 10.9C, which was 4.4C above the average.

Friday dawned dull and overcast with a few spots of rain that by 08.15 had turned to continuous light rain.

More rain and thunderstorms

After a dry and warm day on Wednesday, with a peak temperature of 19.8C being 2.3C above average, the disturbed weather from France crossed the Channel in the evening. The first rain was observed at 21.15 and became very intense at 22.00 as violent storms with numerous claps of thunder and flashes of lightning continued until just before 22.30.

The lighting radar showed a number of storm locations just to the north and east of Marlborough trailing back across southern England and across the Channel where they were numerous.

For the second consecutive day the UV level rose to 7.0, which was just in the ‘Very High’ category.

The rainfall amounted to 10.9mm that brought the monthly total 42.0mm being 18mm below the 38-year average.

The thick cloud overnight meant another mild night with the thermometer not dropping below 10.1C, which was 3.7C above the average.

Thursday morning began with total cloud cover but just after 08.20 bright periods were beginning to appear.