Cold front brought miserable day on Monday

The slow moving cold front that took all day to cross the area on Monday brought a cloudy day with drizzle in the afternoon amounting to just 0.3mm. It was only the second sunless day this month.

Temperatures by day were just above average at 19.5C (+0.9C) but below in the early hours of Tuesday with a low of 6.6C (-2.6C).

With the barometric pressure building again it was not surprising to see the sun shining brightly after dawn on Tuesday, the weather front having departed.

Even warmer on Sunday

With a maximum of 23.6C Sunday was the warmest day since 27th August, which was 5C above the 35-year average. Winds were very light, the strongest gust was just 11mph.

The UV level was agin rated ‘high’.

It was the tenth dry day this month. Rainfall for September remains at just 7mm whereas evaporation now totals 31mm. The last three dry, sunny days have seen almost 3mm of equivalent rainfall lost each day through evaporation.

The past night has been exceptionally mild with the thermometer not sinking below 14.2C, which was at 00.46 this morning, being also exactly 5C above the average.

On Monday morning we were greeted by thick cloud cover from a weak weather front slowly sinking south over the area.

Sun and more sun!

We enjoyed another 10 hours of sunshine on Saturday and with the wind then coming from a south westerly direction and very light, the temperature responded and rose to 22.9C, which was 4.3C above average.

Initially overnight it was very cool with a minimum of 6.8C (-2.4C) with fog forming but after this time the temperature rose to 12.4C at 08.00 Sunday morning. The fog, with visibility down to 400m, quickly dispersed as by 08.00 the sun began to shine brightly.

Wall to wall sunshine on Friday

With the barometric pressure the highest for six months it was not surprising to find that we had 10.3 hours of strong sunshine on Friday. However, the modest breeze from the north east moderated the temperature with a maximum of 20.2C, down 2C on the Thursday peak but still 1.6C above the average.

It was another dry day. The raimall for September is just 7mm but evaporation account fo the equivalent loss of 26mm of rainfall.

Friday night into Saturday was a very cool night with the minimum of 4.3C set at 06.33, being almost 5C below average.

Before dawn fog was observed over the tops of the Marlborough Downs that developed and flowed into the valleys limiting visibility to 400m. By 08.00 the sunshine was gaining in strength, triggering the sunshine record and beginning to thin the fog. The barometric pressure has intensified with the current observation of 1034.2mb.

Barometric pressure highest for three months

The tropical air from mid Atlantic arrived on Thursday raising the temperature to a maximum of 22.3C. This was the warmest day this 30th August and 3.4C above average.

Rain showers overnight added 1.2mm to the total for September, which now stands at just 7mm

Another mild night was to follow with the thermometer not sinking below 11.2C being 2C above average.

Saturday saw strong sunshine after initial cloud eased away eastwards from the weather front that brought the overnight rain.

At 08.00 the barometric pressure was recorded at 1034.0mb, the highest pressure since 28th March.