Second sunniest day this month and dry.

Monday brought us 5.72 hours of sunshine and a mild, dry day with the thermometer well above average with a maximum of 9.9C (+2.1C).

Overnight thick cloud meant that the thermometer varied little with a reading of 9.3C (+7.4C) at 08.00 Tuesday morning.

Currently, the wind has been rising with a gust of 29mph and the first rain drops falling just before 08.00.

More rain!

Sunday started dry but by mid afternoon the rain arrived again with a daily total of 7.8mm. This brings the December amount to 71.6mm with the average being 90.0mm.

Due to the thick cloud and rain the maximum was just 7.7C, which was 0.1C below average. Clearing skies overnight meant a minimum of 2.7C at dawn giving a slight ground frost and slippery surfaces in places.

Storm Deirdre eases away after memorable day

Saturday brought us 10 hours of rainfall amounting to 13.8mm, the wettest day this month.

The thermometer hovered around 3C for most of Saturday but rose late afternoon to a maximum of 7.6C before falling away overnight as the cloud cleared to a minimum of 2.1C.

Due to the continuous cloud during daylight hours no sunshine occurred and the UV level was 0. The strong winds, thanks to storm Deirdre, gusted to a peak of 36mph.

Sunday arrived with clear skies and the promise of sunshine when the sun gets up!

Storm Deirdre arrives

Friday gave us 6.28 hours of sunshine making it the sunniest day since 18th November. However, the strong winds, then from the south east meant the temperature was suppressed. The maximum was only 2.5C being 5.3C below average and the coldest day since 18th March.

The evidence of approaching Storm Deirdre was evident as Saturday arrived with the wind increasing, currently at 08.00 gusting to 29mph, and the first rain falling just after 7am.

The thermometer dropped to 0.2C at 22.10 last night and had risen just a little to 2.1C at 08.00.

Coldest day in 9 months on Thursday

Thursday saw the wind back onto into east and strengthen with the result that the maximum temperature was restricted to 4.1C. This was 3.2C below average and the coldest day since 19th March. In addition, we suffered wind chill that meant it fell a couple of degrees colder.

A clear sky overnight inevitably meant a frost would form with the thermometer dropping below freezing at 20.00 last night.

The minimum temperature was reached at 07.05 this morning, Friday, with a reading of -2.6C and a wind chill that meant it felt more like -4C.

With predominantly clear sky there should be more sunshine today, although Thursday was the sunniest day in December with 5.59 hours.

Update on Friday at 16.25: maximum of only 2.5C, being 5.3C below average and coldest day since 18th March.