What’s new? – sunshine and showers

Another cool day on Sunday starting with rain that later improved as the cloud broke up with 6.7 hours of sunshine but the maximum of 19.C was again below average (-1.4C).

The clear skies initially overnight led to a minimum of 11.7C at 01.58 Monday morning, just above average, but increasing cloud meant that the thermometer did not fall any further with another rain shower just after 05.00.

The rainfall total for the past twenty-four hours added another 1.8mm to the monthly total, which now stands at 78.3mm. This is 118% of the 35-year average and at the moment the wettest August since 2015 (83.1mm). The record August rainfall was set in 1992 with 139.5mm.

By 08.00 Monday the thick cloud that brought the rain shower was easing away to the east and the cloud breaking allowing strong sunshine to break through.

The sun return on Saturday

Saturday saw a reverse of the dreadful Friday weather with a dry day and 7.3 hours of sunshine that boosted the temperature above average (+1.7C) with a maximum of 21.6C. It was the warmest day since 8th August, helped by a warmer southwesterly breeze.

A mild night followed with the minimum of 12.4C, also above average (+0.9C).

Sunday initially saw some brightness but just before 08.00 raindrops were observed followed shortly afterwards by steady rain.

A day to forget – weatherise!

Rainfall of 28.1mm fell on Friday, which made it the wettest day since 24th May 2018 when 31.9mm was recorded. However, the greatest one day rainfall (since 1984 when the station was set up) was on the 23rd December 2013 when 46.4mm was recorded. The August 2019 rainfall total now stands at 76.5mm with the average over 35 years of 66.3mm.

Eleven hours of steady rainfall.

Sunshine – nil

UV of 2.5 was low and peaked in the late morning

There were strong gusts from the southerly breeze with a maximum of 30mph.

It was the coolest day since 13th June with a maximum of only 16.8C being 4.0C below average. The temperature began to fall just before noon when the rain set in steadily. As the rain intensity eased off and stopped during the late evening the thermometer began to rise again after 21.30 to reach a peak just after midnight.

Thankfully Saturday arrived with intermittent sunshine through broken cloud and no rain as the deep depression, meandering in a northeastly direction, slowly moved away with the barometric pressure increasing again.

Only fourth dry day this month!

With eight hours of sunshine and no rain on Thursday this was in direct contrast to the very wet Wednesday. As a consequence of the sunshine the temperature was higher at 20.2C but still 0.7C below average moderated by a brisk westerly wind gusting to 22mph.

It was only the fourth dry day this month. The average number of wet days (when rainfall is equal to or above 1mm) in August is ten days when half way through the month we have already experienced eight wet days.

Overnight was cool with a below average temperature of 11.4C (-0.1C).

Friday saw thick cloud ahead of another weather front, with rain imminent.

Update on Friday at 18.45: the past eight hours of rainfall has currently produced 18mm of precipitation with rain still falling. The strong southerly wind saw a peak of 30mph. The temperature has been subdued with a peak of just 16.1C, which was 4.8C below average.

No sun with lots of rain on Wednesday

The thick cloud from a wide weather front dominated the daylight hours on Wednesday that meant a sunless day, the first since 11th June. The rain was continuous for many hours, only letting up during the late afternoon.

Rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 10.4mm that brought the monthly total to 48.4mm with the average at 66.3mm.

It was the coolest day since 13th June with a maximum of just 17.1C being 3.8C below average.

Due to the cloud cover overnight it was a mild night with the thermometer not sinking below 14.0C (+2.5C) at 03.03 Thursday morning.

Thursday arrived with a hang back of thick cloud from the departing weather front. However, as a brief ridge of high pressure began to assert itself the cloud began to break just after 07.30 with much sunshine breaking through subsequently.