Another wet, gloomy and windy day on Monday

More rain, no sun and winds gusting to 30mph, the unsettled weather continues.

Another 4.3mm of rainfall fell in the past twenty-four hours bringing the monthly total to 113.7mm, which is 48mm above the 35-year average. It was another in the succession of very mild days although 2C down on the warm Sunday maximum the peak of 10.8C was 3.3C above the average. Likewise overnight cloud cover saw the thermometer fall no lower than 3.7C, which was 2.4C above the average.

After initial cloud on the eastern horizon had cleared om Tuesday morning the sun shone brightly, the first sunny morning in three weeks.

Update on Tuesday at 08.45: alas the cloud returned and the sun disappeared at 08.40. It was a lovely start to the day whilst it lasted!

Update on Tuesday at 18.50: Polar Maritime Air restricts temperature to 6.4C maximum making this the coldest day in February with brief sleet shower at 16.30.

Rain and more rain – no change!

Sunday did bring us 2.5 hours of sunshine when the UV level rose to its highest (1.9) since mid-October but soon after midday the cloud built up again.

Another 3.3mm of precipitation was recorded that brought the monthly total to 109.4mm, which is 54mm above the 35-year average. However, the two Februarys in 1990 and 2014 produced record totals of 151.0mm and 151.6mm so February 2020 is well below breaking any records in Marlborough at the moment – but there is still a week to go before the end of the month.

The mild weather continued with the equal warmest day in February with a maximum of 12.7C being 5.2C above the average. The minimum occurred at 01.10 Monday morning recording a low of 5.7C, which was 4.4C above the average.

Monday arrived with thick cloud cover ahead of another rain band approaching from the west with the thermometer reading 9.5C at 08.00, already 2C above the average maximum.

Warmest morning in four months

After a wet start to Saturday a little sunshine broke through late morning amounting to 2.3 hours.

The very mild weather continued with the thermometer rising to 11.7C at 12.47 in the sunshine, which was 4.2C above the 35-year average. The thermometer dipped away in the evening to a low of 7.5C being 6.2C above average but recovered in the early hours of Sunday to give a reading of 11.3C at 08.00 on Sunday morning making it the warmest day since 26th October.

Sunday dawned with the strong winds continuing and more rain. The past twenty-four hours brought another 7.0mm of rainfall raising the monthly total to 106.1mm being 163% of the long-term average.

Only three dry days in February so far

Although daylight hours were dry on Friday brief showers occurred just before 05.00 on Saturday with 0.7mm of rainfall. There have only been three totally dry twenty-four hour periods in February being the 4th to the 6th.

The past twenty-four hours have been remarkably mild brought to us on the brisk southerly wind. The maximum of 9.8C was 2.3C above average and the minimum overnight was 8.1C, which was a significant 6.8C above the 35-year average.

Saturday initially brought low cloud and drizzle with strong gusty winds again, with a maximum of 30mph at 07.06.

Sharp showers with small hail mid-afternoon on Thursday

Thursday was another dull day with minimal sunshine, just half an hour, interspersed with occasional sharp showers when the wind gusted strongly, maximum 40mph.

The precipitation amounted to 6.2mm that included a small hail shower at 15.00. This brought the monthly total to 98.4mm, which is almost 30mm above the 35-year average.

Another twenty four hours when both maximum and minimum were above average with readings of 9.8C (+2.3C) and 2.2C (+0.9C).

Friday saw thin cloud cover after dawn allowing a little brightness but no sunshine, the thermometer having recovered to 4.6C at 08.00 and the barometric pressure much higher again at 1022.8mb after the low of yesterday.