Another very mild day and night – the last for while

Monday was notable for the persistent thick, low cloud and no sunshine. However, the mild air flow pushed the thermometer to a maximum of 10.9C, which was 3.6C above the 34-yrar average and the warmest day since 24th January.

After midday the wind started to veer into the northwest with a consequent fall off in temperature, but not significantly, so that we had the warmest night, again since 24th January, with a minimum of 6.5C, some 5C above the average.

The barometric pressure is beginning to rise and with the wind from a drier quarter, the prospect of a brighter day to day.

At 08.00 the cloud arriving from the Northwest was broken with some early brightness as the hang back of cloud from the weather front yesterday eased to the east.

Update at 10.00: Ambient temperature 7.6C, Wind Chill feels like 4C, Wind Gusts 30mph

Warmest night and morning for weeks

The wind from a southerly quadrant brought another mild day with a maximum of 7.8C, just above average but 1C down on the previous day.

There were brief glimpses of sunshine early in the day, amounting to 7 minutes.

Overnight another rain band cross the country brigning 2.7mm of rain. Associated with this weather front is thick low cloud that is draping the Marlborough Downs with visibility down to 900m.

It was the warmest night for a month with the thermometer not dropping below 6.2C, almost 5C above average, and rising to 7.3C at 08.00 making it the warmest start to the day since 31st January.

We must enjoy these mild, if murky and misty days as the Jet Stream is forecast to slow down and dramatically change its pattern over recent weeks, bringing much colder weather.

Mild, dry weather continues

Saturday brought us 2.45 hours of sunshine and mild southwesterly breezes that took the temperature to 8.7C. Another dry day with the UV level again the highest since the end of October.

Overnight cloud meant that the minimum was 4.9C at 08.00.

Sunday has dawned with moderate cloud cover but bright although the cloud is thickening ahead of another weather front.

Friday was the sunniest day for five months

With 8 hours of glorious sunshine on Friday it was the sunniest day since 2nd September. Not surprisingly, with light winds mainly from the south, the thermometer rose to a maximum of 9.1C, nearly 2C above average.

Overnight the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 0.1C at dawn when broken cloud allowed intermittent sunshine after the fog bank cleared that had arrived briefly just after 7am.

Highest UV level since October

After a very sunny start on Thursday large shower clouds interrupted the strong sunshine at intervals. There were two sharp showers, the first starting just before 10am and the second almost twelve hours later when the total precipitation amounted to 1.2mm.

The strong sunshine totalled 4.9 hours within which the UV level rose to 1.5, not seen since 30th October last year.

The thermometer rose steadily to a maximum of 7.9C at 12.34 and a minimum this morning at 06.13 with a reading of -0.1C, The rainfall during the late evening meant moist air and wet ground that this morning with just a light frost gave the impression of a very much harder frost.

From dawn this morning the sun was up triggering the sunshine recorder at 08.01, which needs a strength of 100 watts/m to spring into action.