17 days without rain

Sunday was another dry day with 7.6 hours of sunshine that again produced an above average maximum temperature (+3C) with a peak of 21.7C. The winds still persisted from a north easterly direction, the fifth consecutive day.

The overnight minimum was also above average (+1.2C) with a low 10.4C at 04.44.

Monday dawned with no sight of any sunshine due to fog that limited viability to 500m. Notably, the wind dropped very light around 02.00 and this morning at 08.00 the very light movement of air is still from the north east.

Evaporation this month now totals the equivalent rainfall of 44mm when the actual rainfall is still just 3mm.

Northeasterly wind increases in strength

The wind from the north east continued all day on Saturday gusting to 30mph at 13.46, which was the windiest day for almost a month. The computer trace of the wind direction from the anemometer shows an almost unbroken line for the past four days. This is unusual in our geographical position as the wind is frequently changing direction as the weather can arrive from all points of the compass.

Although the wind was stronger on Saturday the temperature rose higher than on previous days to reach 22.1C late in the afternoon, which was 3.4C above average.

We have now experienced 16 consecutive dry days.

Another mild night followed with the thermometer not falling below 13.3C, being 4.1C above average.

Sunday morning arrived with thick cloud still being driven on by a brisk northeasterly wind but continuing dry. The first glimpse of brightness occurred at 08.05.

Pesky north easterly continues

Although the wind continued from the north east on Friday, a cool direction, the 8.7 hours of sunshine meant another above average maximum temperature of 20.4C, exactly as on Thursday (+1.7C). The peak gust of wind was 23mph, the strongest gust this month, as the low pressure over the continent eased northwards against the anticyclone to the northeast, increasing the pressure gradient.

Overnight the increased cloud cover also meant an above average minimum (+1.7C) of 10.9C.

Saturday dawned with thick cloud cover driven on by the the brisk and persistent north easterly.

The daily evaporation has meant the equivalent loss of 3mm of rainfall on recent days that means a total loss of 38mm whilst the total rainfall still stands at 3.0mm. We have now enjoyed 15 continuously dry days.

North easterly drops temperature by 5C

The north easterly wind comes from a cool quarter and the maximum temperature on Thursday reflected that in a peak of 20.4C. This was 5C to 7C down on previous highs the week but still 1.7C above the 36-year average.

The wind was quite brisk with a maximum gust of 22mph making this the windiest day the month September.

Under predominantly clear skies the thermometer fell steadily downwards to reach a minimum of 9.2C at 07.33 o Friday. The was exactly average for September.

Friday saw the sun shining as it rose above the horizon. A depression centred in the Bay of Biscay is tightening the isobars producing an increasing pressure gradient between it and the anticyclone centred over the North Sea. The wind is still from the north east but due to veer more into eastnoreast as the day progresses.

Barometric pressure intensifies and changes position

The centre of the high pressure on Wednesday was over Scandinavia that meant a significant change in direction and air mass from northwest to northeast and the windiest day of the month with a peak gust of 20mph. The cooler air mass meant a slightly lower maximum of 25.6C that was still 7C above the average.

We have now had thirteen consecutive days without rainfall. This is the driest period since early May when there were seventeen consecutive dry days.

The minimum overnight was also above average (+2.4C) with a low of 11.6C.

The brisk wind on Thursday is from the eastnoreast as the anticyclone that has given the recent dry sunny weather is now centred over Denmark. The sun was very red as it rose above the horizon at dawn due to thin high cloud brought by the easterly breeze but by 08.05 the sun began to shine strongly having triggered the sunshine recorder. The barometric pressure at 08.00 was 1028.7mb, the highest pressure since 28th May.