Driest air at dawn this month

Tuesday brought us little sunshine, just 1 hour unlike the very sunny day on Monday. The significant change was in the wind direction having moved from a northerly direction to a come from the south east.

It was a dry day, the fifth this month but another cool day with the thermometer not rising above 7.5C,being 2.6C belwo average.

Overnight cloud meant frost free night with the thermometer not sinking below 5.8C, which was 2C above average.

Wednesday arrived with complete cloud cover and the wind still coming from the south east. However, the humidity at 08.00 was 90% being the lowest since 30th October.

Sunniest day followed by coldest night this month

With a ridge of high pressure sandwiched between two depressions to the west and east of the UK, Monday brought us 5.7 hours of sunshine, making it the sunniest day since 27th October. However, regardless of the sunshine it was a cool day due to a brisk wind from the north, falling out completely overnight, which produced a maximum of 7.7C being 2.4C below average.

The clearer skies and still conditions overnight meant the temperature tumbled to a minimum of -2.5C at 03.35 Tuesday morning. Encroaching cloud meant that the temperature staged a mild recovery to -1.1C at 08.00 Tuesday morning when variable cloud allowed the occasional bright period.

Barometric pressure rises significantly

With the barometric pressure building on Sunday, from a ridge of high pressure edging in from the Atlantic, we had a little sunshine, 1.4 hours, after two consecutive sunless day. There was a brief shower amounting to 0.2mm, so not quite a dry day. The wind from the north was light during most of the past twenty-four hours but coming from a cold quarter restricted the temperature to a maximum of just 7.7C, again below average (-2.4C)

Overnight the wind was light and the sky much clearer so a minimum of 3.1C was recorded, just below average.

Monday arrived with weak sunshine initially as mist and fog began to lift. The barometric pressure at 08.00 read 1017.2mb, the highest reading in November so a day or two of drier and more settled weather are imminent.

Calmest day in a month on Saturday

Under the influence of a ridge of high beginning to develop Saturday was a very calm day with little or at times no wind. The strongest gust was just 9mph. The increasing barometric pressure meant a dry day but the air mass, coming from the north east, was cool limiting the maximum temperature to 7.1C, being 3C below average and the eleventh consecutive below average daytime peak.

It was another day without sunshine, the fifth this month, although the UV just registered.

Overnight the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 0.1C at 04.34 Sunday morning that by 08.00 had lifted slightly to 1.3C.

Sunday saw a little brightness after dawn, but no sunshine, under a mainly cloudy sky. The ridge of high pressure has been building for over twenty-four hours so another dry day is likely.

No sun or UV registered on Friday

Friday was a gloomy, cold and wet day with another 7mm of rainfall bringing the total for November to 76.2mm or 83% of the 35-year average. The total rainfall for autumn now stands at 340.7mm, the fifth wettest since the station started in 1984.

Due to the brisk, sometimes strong, wind from the north it was not surprising to find that it was a cold day with the maximum of 6.8C being 3.3C below average. However, there was a wind chill that meant it felt at least 2C below the recorded temperature.

Not only was it the fourth day in November without any recorded sunshine but no measurable UV was recorded, the first no UV day since 1st February.

The cloud overnight meant that the thermometer dropped just 2.5C with a minimum of 4.3C, which was 0.5C above average.

Saturday saw a little brightness after dawn but a mainly cloudy sky obscured any prolonged, strong sunshine.