Storm Barbara approaches

The southeasterly wind on Monday lifted the thermometer to fractionally above average, the first after ten consecutive days with below maxima. The peak of 14.6C at 13.48 was reached just before the sunshine of 4.1 hours was reduced as the advance cloud from Storm Barbara began to increase.

Although the air from the Continent was mild, it was brisk with a maximum gust of 24mph, the strongest gust since the 2nd (35mph).

There were a couple of showers overnight, the longest and heaviest just after 01.00, that totalled 2.3mm bringing the monthly total to 127.4mm the the 36-year average is 85.6m. The southeasterly wind veered into the south in the early hours of Tuesday, when a minimum of 11.3C was recorded at 02.30. The thermometer then began to creep a little higher to reach 11.6C at 08.00, a very mild night being 4.7C above average. It was the mildest night since 17th September.

Just before 08.00 on Tuesday the rain ceased and the cloud began to lift just a little as Storm Barbara, with its centre over southern Ireland, eased away to the north. The depression gave us a minimum pressure of 999.3mb at 08.00, the lowest since the 4th (980.5mb).

Almost calm on Sunday, just 7mph breeze maximum

Sunday was an unusual day as the wind dropped out entirely in the early morning and then, after being from the northeast for four consecutive, days began to come from the south. However, the maximum gust was only 7mph. I had to look back in the records to 31st August (7mph) to find such a calm day.

Sunday was dry with another below average maximum (-2.3C) of 12.3C. The cloud overnight meant a less cold night with a minimum of 7.4C, just above average.

Monday arrived with a little brightness in the eastern sky as the cloud was much thinner than on Sunday. Although at 08.00 the anemometer was stationery, the air mass today is being brought from the Continent so a less cold day and night is likely. This is due to a low pressure system in the eastern Atlantic beginning to approach the country. By 08.30 the sun was beginning to break through, if weakly.

Coldest night in October

The barometric pressure stabilised over the past twenty-four hours and continued to bring quiet, autumnal weather. The thermometer edged slightly higher than on recent days but still below average (-2.6C) with a peak of 12.2C, the ninth consecutive day with a below average maximum.

It was another dry day with the air movement from the northeast much calmer producing a peak gust of just 12mph.

The cloud began to thin in the early hours of Sunday holding around 8C for several hours until the thermometer began to drop steadily after 02.00 to reach a minimum of 2.8C at 07.24, which was 4.3C below average and the coldest night since 29th September.

Sunday arrived with brightness in the eastern sky but no sun as a bank of cloud slowly eased eastwards obscuring the sun. The centre of the high pressure is now over central France that as the day progresses will see the persistent northeasterly wind over recent days change in direction to come from the south or southwest

Cooler again by day

The high pressure in the North Atlantic maintained dry weather during Friday although it was much cloudier with just 15 hours of sunshine. The maximum temperature of 11.3C was down again and 3.3C below average even though the persistent northeasterly breeze was less brisk with a peak gust of 13mph.

A milder night followed with the thermometer not sinking below 8.3C being 1.2C above average. This produced a diurnal temperature variation of just 3C.

Saturday arrived quite gloomy with thick cloud. The wind is still from the north east but light in strength. The high-pressure has intensified but moved westwards in the Atlantic allowing a depression to edge towards the country.

Ridge of high pressure continues fine weather

A ridge of high pressure, from the anticyclone centred to the north west of Scotland, maintained fine weather on Thursday with another 4 hours of sunshine. However, the north easterly wind, gusting again to 22mph, meant a cool day with the thermometer struggling to reach 11.6C, which was 3C below average.

It was almost a dry day, but not quite. A few shower clouds drifted over the area in the late afternoon that produced a few drops of rain but not measurable so recorded as a trace.

The thermometer dropped to 6.4C overnight being 0.7C below average.

Friday arrived with a cloudy sky and almost calm conditions.