More sun and less rain on Sunday

There was a short respite from the rain on Sunday as we enjoyed 4.2 hours of sunshine and just 1.0mm of rainfall. Temperatures by day and night were again below average with a maximum of 12.8C (-1.8C). The thermometer fell away late evening to a minimum of 5.2C (-1.9C) recorded at 01.37 Monday morning. Cloud then built up with the thermometer recovering to 7.3C at 08.00 Monday morning.

There was a little sunshine after dawn on Monday but just before 08.00 shower clouds drifted over that produced light rain. The barometric pressure is still low with a current reading of 996.2mb thanks to the deep depression that has slowly moved eastwards to the north of Scotland and then into the North Sea. The result will be reduced wind strength and a change in the direction to come from the west.

Record broken for October rainfall

Saturday was dominated by the effects of the deep depression to the northwest of Scotland bringing rain and wind. The wind strength rose during daylight hours with a maximum gust of 35mph at 15.46. There were periods of rain throughout the day and evening with a particularly intense rain event as a squall moved through at 20.00 with a rainfall rate of 65mm/hour for a few minutes.

The daily rainfall on Saturday amounted to 10.1mm, which brought the monthly total to 161.3mm. This October total broke the previous record of 159.3mm set in 2004 and amounts to 188% of the 36-year average.

The thermometer rose to a maximum of 14.0C on Saturday, just 0.6C below average, whereas the minimum of 7.1C was exactly average. Thankfully the deep depression began to fill late yesterday, increasing by 12mb, thus the pressure gradient is reduced resulting in the wind dying down.

Initially on Sunday the sun was obscured by the hang back of cloud from the depression slowly moving eastwards. However, by 07.40 the sun made a very welcome appearance. In contrast to Saturday the wind has almost completely fallen out with hardy a breath of air at 08.00.

Barometer falling rapidly ahead of storm

With little sunshine, just 1 hour, and a brisk wind from the southwest on Friday it was not surprising that the peak temperature of 13.1C was again below average (-1.5C). There was brief rain around 10.00 that amounted to 0.5mm but the remaining part of the day and night were dry.

During the evening the thermometer fell steadily away to reach a minimum of 5.3C at 00.10 early on Saturday being 1.8C below average. The temperature then began to climb again as cloud built up ahead of the next rain band.

Three depressions on Friday in the North Atlantic have now combined to form a deep low pressure system to the north west of Scotland that produced the thicker cloud and an increasing wind speed from 03.00 on Saturday morning. Light drizzle was observed at 07.45 with a gust of 21mph. By 08.00 the temperature had risen to 10.9C. The barometric pressure is now falling rapidly with a current reading of 1003.5mb whereas the centre of the depression had a reading of 953mb at 08.00. This considerable variation in pressure is producing a steep pressure gradient that will see the wind strength increasing considerably during Saturday. The rain radar shows a wide band of heavy rain approaching the West Country that will reach us in a few hours.

A little rain and a little sun on Thursday

Thursday was dry during daylight hours and the wind, much lighter and from the southwest rather than warmer south, meant the thermometer didn’t quite reach the average maximum rising to a peak of 13.4C being 1.2C below average.

There was a brief shower just before midnight and another heavier shower at 04.30 on Friday that in total amounted to 1.4mm.

The thermometer dropped to 9.4C just before midnight but the increasing cloud cover that brought the rain showers meant the thermometer then rose eagan by as much as 2.5C.

The cloud cover was continuous on Friday morning but at 08.00 was showing signs of thinning as the rain band eased away to the east.

Fourth wettest day in October

The extensive rain associated with Storm Barbara gave us many hours of rain on Wednesday that amounted to 14.0mm. This brought the monthly total to 149.3mm, which is 63mm above the 36-year average and only 10mm below the all time record set in 2004.

Although the wind direction was variable and light during daylight hours it returned to a southerly in the late afternoon and late evening produced a gust of 23mph. The wind direction in the early morning started from the east and throughout the day slowly backed into the north, then west and finally south during the evening as the centre of the low pressure relocated across the country to the east.

The maximum of 14.2C was 0.4C below average but due to the cloud cover overnight the minimum of 11.0C was 3.9C above average.

Thursday morning saw variable cloud easing away towards the eastern horizon with the sun obscured, but bright.