First dry day in March

Tuesday saw the thermometer rise above average again with a maximum of 12.3C (+2C) likewise the minimum was 7.4C (+5.3C).

It was the first dry day in March with the monthly rainfall now 69.8mmm (+10.3mm).

Wednesday dawned with thick cloud and little movement of the air.

Almost the first dry day in March – but not quite!

There was a brief shower on Monday afternoon, amounting to 0.1mm, so we have yet to have a totally dry day in March.

The westerly winds had moderated with a maximum gust of 15mph, although this did temper the temperature that reached a maximum of 9.2C, which was 1.1C below average.

Cloud overnight meant a mild night with a minimum of 6.3C at 00.33 Tuesday morning that dawned with thick cloud and misty conditions.

The sunshine recorded has been malfunctioning for a few days so I have removed all that data for March.

Update on Tuesday at 17.40: temperature returns above average with a maximum of 12.3C (+2C) in light winds, peaking at just 11mph

Chilly nights!

Although there was plenty of sunshine on Sunday the thermometer resolutely refused to rise above the average with a maximum of 9.3C being 1C below average. There was a light shower that produced just 0.3mm making this the eighteenth consecutive wet day.

Sunday night into Monday gave us another chilly night with the thermometer falling away to a minimum of 2.4C at 03.11, which was 0.3C above average.

Monday morning saw broken cloud with glimpses of hazy sunshine and the temperature at 08.00 was exactly the same as on Sunday with a reading of 4.3C

The barometric pressure has been rising for the past thirty-six hours, which gave us the quieter day yesterday and a drier, less windy day today.

47mph – that was windy!

Saturday saw the wind strength increase again with a peak gust of 47mph. The day was dry but rain started at 18.10 with an intense short burst at 19.34 producing a daily total of 4.6mm. We have yet to have a totally dry day in March with the monthly total now 69.4mm.

The thermometer eased above average again (+1C) with a maximum of 11.3C but the wind strength produced a wind chill so that it felt more like 8C at the warmest part of the day.

Overnight the temperature tumbled producing a minimum of 2.3C at 06.31 Sunday morning. This began to rise as strong sunshine greeted the new morning lifting the temperature to 4.3C at 08.00.

Update on Sunday at 15.35: maximum temperature depressed with peak of 9.3C, which was 1C below average in brisk westerly wind gusting to 21mph

Strong winds yet mild weather continues

Thursday and Friday saw the thermometer rise above average with maxima of 13.6C (+3.3C) and 11.9C (+1.6C) respectively with maximum gusts of 40mph and 38mph.

The rainfall for the two days was minimal with 1.8mm ad 1.2mm respectively, which brought the March total to 64.8mm being 5.3mm above the 35-year average.

Update on Saturday at 15.15: peak gust of wind measuring 47mph at 15.00. Maximum temperature of 11.3C (+1.0C) at 12.49 before cloud thickened.