Gusty northeasterly cools temperature.

Wednesday produced another sunny day with 9.6 hours, the lowest total for seven days, which was much cooler as the northeasterly wind was strong all day with gusts to 24mph.

The maximum temperature was down again to 19.9C, still 3C above the average.

Overnight thick rain bearing cloud drifted in from the east with light rain just after 6am amounting to 0.6mm by 08.00.

Thursday update at 18.40: only second day in May without sunshine also continuous steady rainfall for past two hours.

Wettest day since August 2016 and still raining

Much more sunshine – 212 hours this month

Tuesday gave us another 10 hours of sunshine bringing the total for May to 212.8 hours. The average over the past four years, when this instrument was installed, is 109 hours with a peak of 130 hours so May 2018 is well above average.

The northeasterly wind strengthened yesterday with occasions when it peaked at 20mph thus moderating the temperature with a maximum of 21.7C, down 2C on Monday but still 5C above average.

Overnight the wind from the northeast brought in cloud cover from the North Sea that was quite thick at dawn. However by 08.00 it was beginning to show signs of thinning but no sunshine. The thermometer fell away to a minimum of 9.2C, which was 2C above average.

Much warmer again but brief heavy rain late afternoon

Monday saw the temperature rise again to a maximum of 23.5C, which was 6.7C above the 34-year average but saw a considerable drop when a heavy shower arrived at 16.41. The total rainfall was 1.9mm bringing the May total to just 11mm when the average is 61.1mm.

With some cloud cover it was a much milder night allowing the thermometer to fall away to 9.1C, the warmest night for a week and 2C above average.

Tuesday has arrived with more sunshine and the temperature at 08.00 recovering to 13.9C, the second warmest start to a day this month.

UV – Very High. Warmer again

Sunday saw the UV level rise to 7.2, well into the ‘Very High’ category and the highest since 13th August last year.

The maximum temperatures have been rising for five days, from the 16th, with 14.8, 16.9, 17.7, 21.5 and 22.2C on Sunday, which was 5.4C above the 34-year average.

Sunday saw another dry day. The rainfall for May so far is 9.1mm whereas the equivalent rainfall of evaporation from ground sources and plant life now stands at 71.3mm. It is no wonder the gardens are very dry and waterbuts running empty.

A cooler night followed with a minimum of 4.1C being 3C below the average for May.

Monday update at 16.30 maximum up again with 23.5C at 16.11

Monday update at 17.15: short heavy rain storm at 16.41.

Warmer still & ‘High’ UV

Saturday continued the dry and sunny spell with another 15.1 hours of strong sunshine that raised the UV level into the ‘High’ category again. It was the fourth consecutive day with rising temperatures giving a maximum of 21.5C, which was 4.7C above average and up 4C on Friday.

Not only was it sunny but with little wind. For the fourth consecutive day the wind has reduced in strength, yesterday with a maximum of only 11mph

Saturday night was not as cold as those previously although it was again below average (-2.4C) with a minimum of 4.7C, which was up 2.5C on Friday night.

Sunday started with misty conditions but the sun was strong after dawn and quickly dispersed the light mist.

Sunday update at 19.00: temperature up again hitting 22.2C, being 5.4C above average also UV reached the ‘Very High’ level.