Welcome sunshine on Sunday but rain returned overnight

There was glorious sunshine on Sunday amounting to 6.4 hours after the previous wet days, which raised the temperature to a peak of 15.4C being 0.7C above average.

The rain arrived from the next rain band just before 06.00 Monday morning bringing 1.9mm.

The minimum overnight was 7.4C, just above average, but rose again after 03.45 as the cloud arrived so that by 08.00 the thermometer read 8.9C

Another seven hours of rain overnight

Although Saturday was dry during daylght hours the next very wide rain band saw cloud building late afternoon and rain falling from 21.00 to just before 04.00 Sunday morning producing 13.1mm. This brought the October rainfall total to 32.2mm, which is 39% of the 35-year average in the first five days of the month.

The wind, initially from the west, moved into the north east after midday.

Temperatures by day and night were above average with a maximum of 15.1C (+0.4C) and a minimum of 13.0C overnight (+5.4C).

At dawn the remnants of cloud from the extensive weather front could be seen easing away to the east and sun coming through strongly just before 08.00.

Effect of Storm Lorenzo was minimal

The centre of the low pressure that was originally Hurricane Lorenzo passed over the area yesterday and brought with it much cloud and rain. As it travelled over land and the cool North Atlantic it lost it strength by the time it arrived over the UK. Fortunately the rainfall total was modest at 3.6mm and never very heavy. The day was breezy with a maximum gust of 16mph.

The thermometer rose to 13.7C by day, almost 1C below average, and over night was mild with a minimum of 8.4C, being 1.2C above the 35-year average.

Saturday arrived with a 8/8 cloud but by 08.00 was showing signs of some thinning.

One dry day then rain again!

Thursday brought a break in the daily rainfall with a dry day although there was little sunshine, just 1.8 hours. The thermometer struggled to climb after the previous cold night but eventually reached 14.1C, 0.6C below average, in the mid- afternoon. The wind was from the push eats and breezy with a maximum gust of 21mph.

Rainfall amounted to 7.1mm that brought the October total to 15.5mm.

A mild night followed with the thermometer hovering around 11C for most of the night as cloud and rain returned.

Friday arrived with hazy sunshine ahead of advancing cloud from the remnants of Storm Lorenzo.

Sun returns followed by very cold night

After eleven wet days it was a treat to see the sun again for 6.8 hours and to have a dry day.

The brisk wind, predominantly from the north west, meant the temperature was depressed with a maximum of 13.3C being 1.4C below the average and down 5C on the Tuesday peak.

During the past evening the thermometer dropped steadily, by 23.00 it was down to 3.3C. It reached a minimum of 0.4C at 03.51 this morning before thin cloud eased in from the west and stalled any air frost but not a ground frost.

Thursday saw a little brightness at dawn but thickening cloud soon obscured the sun that allowed the temperature to ease upward with a reading of 3.4C at 08.00