Minimal rain – again!

Tuesday brought an average maximum temperature of 20.1C in the blustery southwesterly wind, gusting to 27mph.

The day was dry but a light shower arrived just after 01.00 on Wednesday amounting to just 1.3mm. The rainfall total for June now stands at only 25.6mm, just 47% of the 38-year average, which is 54.2mm with only two days of the month left. It is looking as if this will be the fifth below average month in 2022 as only February was above average. The gardens are very dry, last night just washed off the dust from plants but had evaporated in the early morning sunshine and dry air. Some of the plants in my garden on Tuesday were showing signs of stress in the strong, dry wind.

It has been a very mild night with the thermometer not sinking below 12.3C being 2.2C above the average

Wednesday brought blue sky and glorious sunshine – until 06.40, when cloud began to drift across from the south and obscured most of the sunshine.

Unstable weather

With the depression so close the wind continued from the southwest on Monday and very brisk with a peak gust of 21mph. The thermometer didn’t rise above average (-0.8C) with a high of 19.4C.

The sun came out later in the morning after light rain showers that only amounted to 1.0mm. The rainfall for June is just 24.3mm being 30mm below the 38-year average and it looks as if this will be the fifth below average monthly rainfall in 2022. Se against that minimal rainfall is the fact that the equivalent of 87mm of rainfall has been lost through evaporation, so no wonder the gardens and lawns are so dry in the brisk, drying winds.

The thermometer dropped to 8.2C overnight but had recovered to 14.3C in the early morning sunshine. The wind continues from the southwest, still brisk and is likely to strengthen as the day progresses.

Breezy again on Sunday

Sunday brought some sunshine. The wind from the south was very gusty with a peak of 28mph. The thermometer rose to 20.5C being just above average.

The day was again dry with the equivalent loss of rainfall through evaporation now totalling 77mm. The rainfall total stands at

Monday began with weak sunshine after dawn but thick dark clouds were observed easing in from the west. The first spots of rain were noted at 05.50, that continued on and off until after 08.00, but so little it was not recordable.

Cooler by day and night, below average

A maximum of 19.2C (1.0C below average) was the peak on Saturday in the brisk southerly breeze gusting to 25mph. It was another dry day, showers again passing to the east and west of this area, with the UV level in the Very High category.

Overnight was cool with a low of 9.4C (0.7C below average).

Sunday was initially very sunny but by 07.30 cloud began to drift across the sky with the sun disappearing by 08.00. The wind is still very brisk and from the south-southwest.

Very breezy on Friday

After so many relatively calm days this month the very strong breeze on Saturday was noticeable, gusting to 28mph at 13.55. The sunshine was limited, however, the maximum of 21.4C was 1.2C above the average.

Late evening there were two brief incidents of heavy drizzle amounting to just 0.6mm. Once again the heaviest of the rain travelled to the west and east of this area.

The temperature dropped away to 9.8C overnight being just beak the June average.

Saturday brought variable brief sunshine that had lifted the thermometer to 14.0C by 08.00, the wind coming from the south.