Temperatures down again

The maxima over the past four days has seen the result of the slow change from southerly winds to a colder easterly with 14.2C, 14.1C, 11.5C and 10.1C on Saturday, which was almost exactly average.

The blue skies yesterday resulted in 5.34 hours of sunshine and after zero UV light on Friday, a reading of 0.9 on Saturday.

The clear skies overnight, not surprisingly, gave us the coldest night in the past two weeks with a minimum of 3.1C being 0.5C below average producing briefly a touch of ground frost.

Sunday arrived with thin high cloud and weak sunshine to start the day as barometric pressure builds again centred over Scandinavia with winds now coming from the east or east nor east.

Update on Sunday at 14.25: peak temperature of 9.8C at 13.27 being only second day below average (-0.3C) this month. North easterly wind freshens producing wind chill in that it feels more like 7C than 9C.

Change in wind direction drops temperature also no UV registered

After many days of warm weather brought to us on a southerly breeze, the wind veered into the southeast on Friday with a consequent drop in temperature. The warmest part of the day was mid-morning at 11.5C as the thermometer slowly fell away all day with a minimum of 7.4C overnight.

More significantly, Friday was so gloomy with thick, low cloud that no UV light registered. This was the first such occasion since January 27th.

Saturday arrived with total cloud cover that was higher than on Friday and less dense.

Update at 19.00 on Saturday: temperature down again to maximum of 10.1C. This was the second coolest day in November although fractionally above average.

Warmest night for a month

Thursday was such a change from previous days being mostly cloudy and only 13 minutes of sunshine. However, the warm, moist air from the continent brought on a southeasterly breeze, meant another above average day with a maximum of 14.1C, being 4C above average.

There were a couple of light showers overnight amounts to 0.7mm

Friday arrived with thick cloud lowering over the Marlborough Downs giving very misty conditions in still air.

It has been the warmest night since 14th October with the thermometer not falling below 11.5C, which was 7.9C above the 34-year average.

Warmer again!

Wednesday saw the thermometer rise even further under the influence of the Continental flow of air to a maximum of 14.2C. This was 4.1C above average and the warmest day for over a week.

It was another dry with the 4.36 hours of sunshine.

A very mild night followed with the thermometer falling to a low of 9.2C at 20.21 then rising to 10.1C this morning.

Thursday has arrived with a mainly cloudy sky and light winds.

Very mild weather continues

Tuesday again saw above average temperatures, both by day and night, with a maximum of 13.0C (+3.0C) and the lowest overnight of 9.4C (+5.7C).

No rain fell in the east twenty-for hours.

Wednesday saw dawn break with a mostly cloud sky but minor breaks allowing some brightness to filter through. Another very mild start to the day with the thermometer reading 10.2C at 08.00.

Update at 16.15 on Wednesday: temperature up again to maximum of 14.2C, being 4.1C above average and the warmest day for a week. Very breezy morning with gusts to 19mph but becoming almost calm at dusk.