Southerly air flow continues

Although we had more sunshine on Monday, 7.2 hours, the temperature did not rose above the average with a maximum of 15.1C (-2.2C). However, the UV level rose to 6.8 being at the top end of ‘High’, which was the highest strength since 25th August.

Another 1mm of rainfall was logged bringing the monthly total to 31.2mm when the average isn 59.6mm.

The thermometer fell below average overnight to a minimum of 5.1C (-1.8C) after two consecutive above average nights.

Tuesday began with thick cloud and very brief brightness due to banks of thick cloud over the area and to the east.

The barometric pressure is still low, current reading of 1006.8mb, as the depression just to the west of the UK is rather stuck being blocked in its eastward journey due to a high pressure over Scandinavia. Therefore, the succession of wind from the south or south-southwest continues.