Snow in the morning and afternoon on Tuesday

Winter was fully established on Tuesday with snowfall just after 08.15 and again, a little heavier, at 15.40. In between there was a little sunshine, logged at 0.74 hours, that lifted the thermometer to a maximum of 3.9C, which was 4.1C below average. Although the thermometer dropped 2C in the afternoon snow, there was sufficient warmth in the atmosphere for any lying snow to melt.

The thermometer hovered around 1C for much of the evening but after midnight fell again to a minimum of -0.4C at 02.20 producing a frost, before rising again to reach 0.6C at 08.00 on Wednesday.

The barometric pressure has been slowly rising over the past two days, after the deep depression eased away, so that on Wednesday morning there was minimal cloud and the possibility of some sunshine with the wind very light, sometimes completely still.

The effect of the colder weather can be seen from the soil thermometer at a depth of 5cm with successive readings of 5.9C, 1.3C, 1.2C and 0.9C over the last four days at 08.00.