Six hours of continuous rain – that’s not summer!

The depression so close to the UK brought a miserable day on Thursday with six hours of continuous rain, just 3.3 hours of sunshine in the morning and depressed temperatures. The thermometer struggled to reach 18.6C being 2.5C below the 37-year average even though the wind was from the south.

Further rain fell in the early hours of Friday bringing the daily total to 7.2mm and the monthly total to 17.7mm. The August average is 66.9mm.

However, it was a mild night with the minimum temperature of 14.6C, which was almost 3C above average.

Friday continued the theme of thick cloud and bands of rain crossing the area although the temperature of 15.5C at 08;00 gave us the warmest morning since 27th July.

The centre of the depression is still close by, forecast to be over Belfast at 12.00, so bands of rain will continue to be brought on the fresh southwesterly wind.