Cooler air as Storm Evert relocates to Scandinavia

Friday saw Storm Evert leave the country but in its wake it brought a rash of showers during the morning and early afternoon that although heavy were brief and without thunderstorms. The daily rainfall was just 3.3mmm bringing the total for July to 52.4mm, still 7mm below the 37-year average. The wind veering from south to west and then northwest gusted to 28mph. Marlborough got off lightly, again!

The lack of sunshine, just 3 hours, and wind from the west and northwest, meant a cool day with the thermometer struggling to reach a peak of 18.1C, which was 4.6C below average.

The cloudy sky overnight reduced the loss of warmth to the atmosphere so the thermometer only dropped to 12.8C being 1C above average.

Saturday dawned grey and much quieter after Storm Evert departed. There is a light breeze from the west but no sunshine. The centre of Storm Evert is now over southern Norway and will begin to feed a cooler air from the west or northwest.