Showers and more showers

Sunday was a predominantly dry day, light rain 18.20 but not measurable, with the UV level into the ‘High’ category during the minimal sunshine of 3.2 hours. The south-southwest breeze was brisk but coming from the Atlantic was warmer with the result that the thermometer rose to 15.5C making it the warmest day since 24th April but still 1.8C below the 37-year average.

Another mild night followed with a minimum of 9.2C just before midnight, which was 2.2C above the average. A short shower just after dawn brought 0.6m of rainfall.

By 08.00 on Monday the thermometer had recovered to 10.7C but no real sunshine, just minimal bright intervals in the short cloud breaks. The soil temperature at 08.00 was 11.2C. After the prolonged cold spell plant life is now showing real growth as although the maxima are still below average, but higher, the last two nights have been well above average for May being +3.1C and +2.2C respectively.