Dramatic change to our weather today!

The maximum of 13.8C on Thursday was equal coldest in September and a significant 5.1C below the average due to minimal sunshine and the persistent, if less strong, breeze having veered into the north.

The thermometer dropped steadily in the evening and the early hours to reach a minimum of 2.4C at 04.02 on Friday morning. The mimimm was also significantly below the 38-year average -6.9C.

After 04.02 the temperature began to slowly increase reaching 5.7C at 08.00 due to the air mass changing direction and coming from a southwesterly direction, although conditions were calm since 22.00, no movement on the high anemometer.

Thick fog was evident at dawn that limited visibility to around 150m. By 08.15 there was evidence of the sun beginning to try and burn back the fog as the thermometer began to rise further. By 08.30 the temperature had reached 7.5C.

There has been a slight rise in the barometric pressure in the last twenty-four hours, registering 1009.4mb at 08.00, but this is expected to drop during the day as the depression now to the northwest makes its presence felt.

The temperature is forecast to rise steadily but by mid-afternoon heavy rain will have set in and the wind strengthened considerably. It is likely to be the wettest and windiest day of the month.