Second hottest day this month on Monday

As the mist and low cloud on Monday dissipated much earlier than on Sunday, with the sun breaking through after 10.30, the heat built higher again. The thermometer eventually peaked at 31.6C (10.6C above average) at 16.32, being the second hottest day this month after July 7th that reached 31.7C.

Monday night into Tuesday was again a very mild night with the thermometer not falling below 17.0C being 5.4C above the average and the second warmest night after 17.1C in the early hours of July 6th.

Tuesday saw very thin mist after dawn with the occasional glimpse of sunshine through broken, relatively high cloud unlike the thick, low cloud of the past two mornings.

The daily evaporation is the equivalent of over 3mm with the August total currently standing at 31mm against the minimal rainfall on the only rain day that totalled 1.2mm. The humid air has limited evaporation as normally between 4 and 5mm would escape into the atmosphere daily. During Monday again the humidity level dropped to 60% for most of the day when under such strong sunshine and high temperatures that would normally drop to around 30%.

Update on Tuesday at 16.00: thermometer just reached 34.0C being the hottest day since July 2006.

at 17.15: maximum of 34.1C reached at 16.27. This was the hottest day since the record maximum of 34.9C was recorded on 19th July 2006. The station opened in 1984.