Ridge of high pressure still giving fine weather

The ridge of high pressure that has been with us for a couple of days meant another fine day on Friday with the thermometer rising to 23.7C being 2.6C above the average. The UV level rose to 5.7, which was in the High category after the much lower level on Thursday due to morning cloud. The wind had backed into the west for most of Friday, but very light, with a maximum gust of just 10mph.

It has been another cool night that saw the thermometer sink to a low of 8.8C, which was 2.9C below the average.

Saturday dawned with radiation fog on the River Og valley that initially limited visibility to 250m but under the influence of strong sunshine had evaporated by 07.30. The temperature recovered to 13.9C at 08.00 with the barometric pressure reading of 1019.4mb.