Ridge of high pressure continues to bring much sunshine

The UV level on Saturday was again rated Very High with a dry day and the peak temperature of 21.8C, just above average. The solar energy was the highest this year, but it is almost mid-summer.

The clear skies overnight meant a below average minimum (-1.3C) with a low pf 8.8C

We are nearly half way through June with minimal rainfall of just 12.0mm when the average is 54.2mm, I wonder if this is also going to be a relatively dry month. Only one month in 2022 has brought above average rainfall and that was February (+11mm).

The loss of equivalent rainfall due to evaporation from ground sources and plant life for the the last two days is 3.53mm and 3.84mm relatively. The total loss for the month is 29mm against the recorded rainfall of 12.0mm.

Sunday arrived with bright sunshine and the temperature had recovered to 15.6C at 08.00 under the influence of the anticyclone in mid-Atlantic with the pressure at 08.00 reading 1024.5mb, the highest this month.