Relief at last from the heatwave!

What a contrast in the heat with a drop of over 12C between the maximum on Wednesday and Tuesday although the peak of 24.6C was still 1.9C above the average. The wind had veered a few degrees to come from the southwest, a cooler direction than of late.

The notable event of Wednesday was the welcome rain after 17 consecutive dry days. The moderate showers began at 17.35 and lasted, with variable intensity, to 19.50. Watching the rainfall radar, once again the most intense rainfall edged around Marlborough but 8.0mm of rainfall was very welcome making it the wettest day since 5th June (8.7mm).

The past night brought a minimum of 12.1C being just above the average.

Thursday arrived with strong sunshine after dawn but just before 08.00 cloud edged in and then completely obliterated any sunshine just after 08.00. By that time the thermometer had recovered to 16.3C.