Record broken again

The heatwave intensified on Tuesday that saw the thermometer rise to a maximum 36.7C, which was a significant 14.0C above the 38-year average and broke the record set the day before for the hottest day at this site since set up in 1984. My station is on the edge of town so the peak in the centre of Marlborough would probably be at least 2C above my maximum. The modest breeze, with a peak gust of 18mph, continued from the southeast.

It was technically a heatwave as we have had at least three consecutive days with the maximum equal to or above 27.0C. In fact we have now had four consecutive days above 27C.

The dry weather continues, now 17 copious dry days, just 4.3mm on the 2nd.

The thermometer only dropped to 17.2C overnight being 5.3C above the average.

Wednesday began to with a predominantly cloudy sky that allowed only brief glimpses of sunshine. With minimal sunshine the thermometer only rose to 18.6C at 08.00, unlike Tuesday that registered 24.5C at that time.