Rain! but very little overnight

Monday was a much less hot day with the thermometer only reaching 26.8C due to considerable and variable cloud cover. This was the coolest day since the 6th but still 5.7C above the average. Twice a few spots, later;a;y were felt and seen but evaporated immediately.

Two considerable shower areas passed to the west over Swindon and east over Hungerford late afternoon avoiding once again the Marlborough area. However, a very narrow rain band passed over Marlborough at 04.15 producing just 0.3mm. Light rain was observed beginning to fall at 07.25.

Due to the residual heat and overnight cloud it was a warm night with a minimum of 15.1C being 3.4C above the average.

Tuesday arrived with total could cover and very light rain as mentioned above. Due to the complete change in the weather pattern, now a low pressure system close by also light rain, the humidity at 08.00 read 96%, which was the highest at that time for the month.

Update at 19.00: substantial rain from 16.55 to 18.15 amounted to 15.9mm.