Rain and more rain!

Saturday brought hours and hours of continuous rainfall. More showers occurred at 01.00 and heavy again at 05.00 on Sunday morning. The rainfall total for the day was 26.1mm making it the wettest day since the deluge on 3rd October(49.9mm). The monthly total has increased to 58.8mm with the 36-year average at 92.3mm.

The southerly air steam on Saturday brought another mild, above average day and night with a maximum of 13.4C (+3.4C) and 9.9C at 03.30 on Sunday (+6.4C).

The thick, low cloud during daylight hours want no sunshine but the solar sensor for the first time since this instrument was installed in 2009 registered no solo activity. The previous minimal solar energy was on 21st December 2010 when just 3 Langleys were logged.

Sunday arrived with further bands of rain, heavy just after 08.00, with the current temperature at 11.2C. By 09.10 the rain band had drifted eastwards and the cloud to thin that saw the thermometer drop 3C in one hour with a reading go 7.8C as the wind veered into the southwest.