Pesky northeasterly continues

After a cool and damp start to Saturday the cloud began t thin mid-morning and brighten to give a cool day under the influence of the very brisk north east wind that was very gusty with a peak speed of 30mph at 12.12.

As a result of the overcast conditions and cool breeze the thermometer did not rise above the average with a peak of 19.3C (-0.8C).

The minimum overnight of 9.8C was also below average (-0.3C). Rain arrived before dawn but was light and only amounted to 1.0mm, much as my garden would like a good drink. One again the intense and heavy rainfall passed this area.

Sunday dawned dull and cool under the hang back of cloud from the rain zone that passed over the area early morning and the northeasterly breeze continuing. However, as the two low pressure systems affecting our weather relocate the wind is forecast to change abruptly to southwest late afternoon early evening.