Northerly breeze brings very cold air

Under the influence of the cold air mass brought on a northerly breeze that gusted to 18mph, the thermometer struggled to reach 2.1C at 12.01 on Monday being almost 6C below average. After the very early morning light fall of snow no more fell during the daylight hours.

Overnight the wind fell out completely for long periods with the thermometer dropping to -1.2C at 04.54 before lifting to -0.3C at 08.00 on Tuesday.

A few light flakes of snow were observed at first light on Tuesday, not enough to cover the ground. However more light snowflakes began to fall just after 08.15 from a narrow band of precipitation travelling in on a very light northwesterly air movement.

The barometric pressure at 08.00 on Monday was the lowest since November 2010 with a minimum pressure of 969.9mb as the centre of the deep depression was overhead Southern England. By Tuesday a rise of almost 20mb, as the depression eased away and began to fill slowly, gave a current reading of 987.5mb, still very low.