Northeasterly wind begins to bite with wind chill

The effect of a brisk wind from the north east on Thursday meant it was a cold day with the maximum of just 6.2C, which was 4.2C below the 36-year average. The strength of the wind, gusting to 23mph, produced significant wind chill that meant it felt more like 1C in the afternoon when the ambient temperature had dropped to only 4.2C.

There were many hours of drizzle during daylight hours that produced just 0.3mm of precipitation.

The cloud overnight precluded any air frost but the wind continuing to come from the northeast strengthened so that it continued to feel more like 1C or 2C if exposed to the wind.

On Friday there a couple of brief glimpses of the sun shortly after 08.00. The high pressure over northern Scandinavia has raised the barometric pressure further so that at 08.00 the barometer read 1028.0mb, which was the highest pressure since 6th February.