More gloom and rain

Tuesday brought another gloomy day with rain and drizzle. The cloud base dropped in the afternoon that limited visibility to 1,200m at times with fog draping the tops of the Marlborough Downs. The wind from a southerly direction was variable later in the day then coming from the east but very light with a maximum gust of just 11mph.

The thermometer was steady at around 8.3C for much of the day but late afternoon and evening rose to peak at 11.0C, which was 3C above average. Likewise, the minimum of 8.3C logged at 16.45 on Tuesday was 6 above average.

Another 2.5mm of rain was added to the monthly total that now stands at 79.9mm being 11.9mm below the 36-year average. Including Wednesday, we will have endured two weeks of consecutive wet days. Tomorrow should be different.

Wednesday brought the darkest start to a day this month with the cloud base very low, again draping the Marlborough Downs, and rain returning at 05.10 and more persistently at 07.40.