More gloom and drizzle but change late in day on Thursday

The low cloud bringing mostly bouts of light drizzle continued on Thursday but totalling only 1.1mm. The wind continued from the south west for much of the day bringing the moist Atlantic air but just before 18.00 the barometric pressure began to rise with a major change in wind direction from southwest to north. We have now had four consecutive days with almost identical maxima namely 19.6C, 19.5C, 19.6C, and 19.7C on Thursday, very unusual and all below the average of 22.8C.

Overnight the clear air from the north meant a cooler night with the thermometer sinking to 11.8C, just average. The wind was very light with a maximum gust of just 15mph, the calmest day all month.

After so many days with cloudy, damp starts it was a treat to see the sun shining again lifting the temperature to 13.7C at 08.00