Mist and murk persist

Sunday was another day that started and ended with fog. The air was very still underneath the large area of high pressure. For many hours the anemometer hardly moved and was stationery after midnight with a peak gust of just 10mph in the morning. The cloud was so thick and dense that no solar of UV registered on the instruments.

It was another dry day, the twelfth this month with rainfall total of 70.9mm when the average is 92.3mm.

The thermometer struggled to reach a peak 6.5C during daylight hours, which was 3.5C below average and fell away to 3.1C at 02.52 on Monday morning.

Monday saw little change after first light with fog again limiting visibility to 300m and the anemometer stationery.

Although there was little breeze over the past twenty-four hours the air mass initially came from the northeast but during the day there was a slow but subtle shift into the north and then northwest before late evening coming from the west.